Experience the nature with Cuc Phuong National Park

Far about 120 km from Hanoi, Cuc Phuong national park is adjacent to Ninh Binh, Hoa Binh and Thanh Hoa. It is a natural tourism place with many interesting exploring activities.

It is reasonable for you to visit Cuc Phuong in two days of the weekend, you can both rest in opened space of the ancient jungle and has an opportunity to discover the surrounding nature.
Cuc Phuong National Park covers an area of 25,000 hectares and is the first national park in Vietnam. With the feature of a tropical forest so it is green whole year, Cuc Phuong has diversified population of flora and fauna, including many species of rare plants and animals. Delacour's langur specie is a very beautiful and rare primate, has been chosen as the symbol of Cuc Phuong National Park.
Colorful flowers bloom in Cuc Phuong 
Colorful flowers bloom in the national park

Every year, the national park welcomes the numerous visitors loving nature to explore and experience sleeping-in-forest days. With the rich ecosystem, Cuc Phuong is a suitable destination for resting, sightseeing and discovering. There are many ways to relax among airy cool air generated by hundreds of thousands of plants. One of them is camping and walking on the small paths, exploring the rare plants in bushy forest. Besides, there are many other activities such as cycling through the forest, joining a course of bird watching tour, looking for the old caves or go trekking through the old jungle. The simpler thing is to sit on swing set and swing your legs right in front of guesthouses, next, hold a small party in the natural lush space. You can teach your children nature, let they learn about the world of organisms such as insects, trees and wildflowers.
Exploring diversified flora is one of the most exciting activities here
Exploring diversified flora is one of the most exciting activities here
From Hanoi, you can go by motorcycle or passenger car, but traveling by your own one is the best, because you can go deeply into the forest and make children coming along safety. The view on this road is quite beautiful, through the ancient jungle and fragrant rice fields. From Hanoi, going along 1A National Highway toward Ninh Binh, to the fork of Gian Khau (10 km from the city of Ninh Binh) turn toward 12A National highway, through Nho Quan town about 2 km then turn left to Cuc Phuong. From Hoa Binh city, going along 12B Highway toward Nho Quan town, turn right to Cuc Phuong when it is about 2km from the town.
When the spring comes, Cuc Phuong becomes more lively with thousand of bunches of butterflies
When the spring comes, Cuc Phuong becomes more lively with thousand of bunches of butterflies

Sightseeing places:
Cuc Phuong botanical garden: The garden is designed to collect and grow rare species of plants of Cuc Phuong, Vietnam and the World.
Cuc Phuong’s Endangered Primate Rescue Center: It is not only the place to conserve and research, but also to help the nature lover to follow the activities, the unique characteristics of each primate and then to draw useful knowledges. Cuc Phuong’s Endangered Primate Rescue Center now nurtures nearly 160 individuals of 15 species of rare primate in Vietnam such as Cat Ba white-headed langur, Delacour’s langur, douc langur, five-colored langur, gibbon ...
Nguoi Xua Cave (Cave of Early Man) & Dang ancient tree: Ngươi Xua Cave is the relic of residence and burial ground in prehistoric period - a precious heritage of Cuc Phuong. From the parking spot, we only need walk about 300 meters to reach, however we still need climb nearly 50 sloped stone steps to arrive the cave entrance.
The pathway to lead you to every places in Cuc Phuong
The pathway to lead you to every places in Cuc Phuong
Dang ancient tree is a beautiful tree, reaching to 45 meters in height, 5 meters in diameter, the size of 8 people hugging. From the garden entrance gate, along the road for coach, to the center, through Nguoi Xua Cave about 2 kilometers, visitors will see Dang ancient tree on the left of the path. Under the tree, everyone becomes so small.

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Sấu (Dracontomelon) ancient trees and Muong village
The route to this destination is quite risky, only for strong person because they have to go deeply into the forest and sleep outside. Walking from the garden center to the west, then going over the long concrete path about 3 km is sấu ancient tree. Its height is 45 meters, its diameter is up to 1.50 meters. With the beautiful form, visitors cannot be unsurprised by the high and long branches system, sweep as a wall. From ancient tree, continuing to go through the forest on the small path is getting to Muong village. Muong village is situated next to the romantic Buoi River with traditionally cultural characteristic, the low-floor house thatched reed and straw, the looms make garish brocades.
Thousand years old tree in Cuc Phuong
Thousand years old tree in Cuc Phuong
Con Moong Cave: Caveman used this cave as the permanent residence for a long time.

Trang Khuyet (Crescent Moon) Cave: Located deeply into the forest, its shape from the cave entrance looking outside is same as crescent shape.
Ancient trees: the morphologically beautiful trees reach to about 45 meters in height and about a round of twenty people hugging in diameter. From the center of the garden, traveling on the path about 3 kilometers is to arrive the thousand-year parashorea which is trully wonder of nature. On this road, before arriving the thousand-year parashorea not so far, on the left there is a trail to mountain, to the Son Cung cave having a lot of sparkling stalactites of Cuc Phuong.

May Bac (Silver Cloud) Peak: Standing at the top of 648-meter Silver Cloud, we can have entire view of National Park, can see Hoa Lu ancient capital of Hoa Lu, magnificent Bai Dinh Pagoda and watch the overview landscape of Trang An in the north of Ninh Binh. The temperature is always about 23 Celsius degrees with an annual rainfall level of 1.800mm. The route to Silver Cloud Peak is long and fully rocky slopes (6 km both two ways by walking), so only for those having good health, not for those getting heart disease and another special. This trip takes about 4 hours (from the garden center).

Yen Quang Lake- Pho Ma cave: From Cuc Phuong National Park, we go back on the way of Nho Quan about 7 km, arriving Tri Phuong bridge then turn left 30m is to Yen Quang. From No.3 Lake, climbing over Quen then going to a relatively flat valley which measures about 100 hectares is Thung lá. Over Thung lá, visitors climb to the limestone mountain’s foot is arriving Pho Ma Giang cave.

While visiting, we will be totally surprise at the Mother Nature’s marvelous architecture. There is a stalactite same as a prince consort with dragonfly hat, belt and classic robe as well, also looked like a member of royal family sitting alone among universe in the eternal cycle of time. There are many chambers inside the cave, each of them has been formed with splendid stalactites as same as the royal palace.
Please note that:
  • Preparing carefully as you are going to picnic, so you can hold a party in the forest. If you have time, you should go in two days of weekend, if not, you still can go about 1.5 days to sleep at night in the forest and back home in the tomorrow afternoon. Available foods in the forest are not rich enough, you should prepare sufficient food for two days, especially when going along with infants.
  • Temperatures in the forest at night and early morning is often cold, you should wear a thin sweater and raincoat to avoid frost and cold. It is ideal to go to Cuc Phuong in sunny days, or in period of time after rainy season because there will be less terrestrial leeches and mosquitoes.
  • There are always many insects in the forest, so if you have children going along, you should prepare lotions.

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