Exploring Me Cung (Maze) Cave in Lan Ha Bay with Halong Cruise

Maze Cave (Hang Mê Cung in Vietnamese) is located at a height of 25m above Lờm Bò Island, far from Ti-Top Island about 2km to the Southwest. Watching from afar, the cave’s door looks like a roof engrained into island’s slope. Maze Cave is identified as one of the cultural archaeological digs of Ha Long in early time by the archaeologists (from 10,000-7000 years ago). The rest remnants found most right at door are Melania shells - the snail type only live in spring.

Maze Cave is located in Lan Ha Bay belonging to the absolute protection of Heritage - The World Wonder of Ha Long Bay with a very complex structure. It includes multiple levels, multiple compartments, large niches within scale of stone roof and a more than 100 meters long corridor. The cave is high gradually to the West then overlooking to a small lake as cave’s name – Maze Lake. Overall, the lake is located in the middle of stone walls, seemingly independent of the sea. According to scientists, Maze Lake is a geological-ecological area which is very valuable in scientific research. About nature, it is also very vivid landscape of this region.
melania snail shells in the entrance of Maze Cave 
Melania snail shells - food traces of prehistoric man  in Maze Cave, Ha Long
Maze Cave’s gate faces to the East, with an approximately 40m2 flat ground. According to archaeologists, this space is an ideal stone roof for the residents. It is dry and cool because there is a small discreet cave system behind. To serve exploiting tourism, Maze Cave has been renovated and therefore cultural layer of the cave is primarily stream and mountain snail which were tied up in front of the cave door by the authorities.

Fortunately, the people who renovated cave did not "touch" the two sides of door up to the roof of 4 platform sedimentary rocks including both mountain and stream snail shells. The platform sediment showed that initial cultural layer was from 60-150cm thick here.
Inside of Maze Cave
Besides streams and mountain snail shells, in Maze cave there are also many pearl shells, mussel shells, oyster shells and clam shells - freshwater mollusks. Fortunately, according to scientists, when renovating Maze Cave, Ha Long Bay Management Board collected and has still maintained a collection of fossilized or half fossilized animal bones. 

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In the future, the careful study of these animal bones will give us the useful answers about living environment, exploiting objects, eating way and even spiritual concepts of the ancient Ha Long.  Because bones’ detail were found in a deep and discreet corner of Cave Maze where contains Pleitoncen gold soil sediments and it will certainly contribute to further clarify chronology of this archaeological relic kind equivalent to Hoa Binh – Bac Son Culture stage of Ha Long Bay area.
A couple travelers are taking some photos to keep their memory about Halong trip
A couple travelers are taking some photos to keep their memory about Halong trip
As one of the sightseeing belonged to line No. 2 of Ha Long Bay (including Sung Sot – Me Cung - Hang Luon - Titop - Soi Sim), Cave Maze has attracted many tourists to visit, study to learn about history and culture. Go into the cave, visitors feel like almost entering the palace of ancient kings. Apart from caves with historical sediments, on Lờm Bò Island, there are also species of old trees reflecting on blue clear Maze Lake. 

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the picturesque of Lan Bay Bay from the peak of Maze Cave
The picturesque of Lan Bay Bay from the peak of Maze Cave
This is also the habitat of birds and mammals such as monkeys, lizards ... Especially, thanks to staff off Park and Cave Conservation Center (Ha Long Bay Management Board) interest, protect so Maze Lake ecosystem is increasingly better. The corals, sea cucumbers have been restored, creating momentum for many species of endemic animals and plants in Ha Long to develop. Maze Cave is a promised and attractive ecotourism destination in the future.

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