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Vietnam Itinerary 7 days of Adventure: Hanoi - Sapa - Ninh Binh

Hanoi - Lao Cai - Fansipan - Sapa - Ninh Binh

Northern Vietnam is the land of culture and history and also connected with millions of breathtaking mountain-sides. By a long-standing forming process, this region is extremely amazing with variety of original landscapes that you need to discover profoundly. It is different with a highlight tour, “Trekking in Vietnam” is just available with adventurers, hikers, trekkers ... who always want to visit the alleys and side streets. Let yourself be inspired by the imposing beauty of Vietnam's nature. Allow our Northern Vietnam Itinerary 7 days to impress you by a charming and ancient Hanoi, a wonderful Ninh Binh, and a marvelous Sapa.


Day 1
Hanoi - Lao Cai
Placed in Hoan Kiem Lake, the Huc Bridge is a famous attraction in Vietnam package tours
Placed in Hoan Kiem Lake, the Huc Bridge is a famous attraction in Vietnam package tours
Arrival at Noi Bai Airport in morning or afternoon (depend on your flight). 
Far East Tour’s bus & tour guide will warmly greet and pick you up to the center of Hanoi. 
Observe a unique Capital through the window of the bus while listening tour guide introduce about the first day Itinerary. To begin with, we will stop at Hoan Kiem Lake (Return Sword Lake) and take a short walk around. As following thousands of years, the lake is always the bright heart of Hanoi where everybody often come over to relax in the middle of the noisy capital. In addition to, Hoan Kiem is beautiful as well as plentiful thanks to many ancient high trees, The Turtles Tower, the curved The Huc Bridge, and Ngoc Son Temple. Moreover, the imagines of an old painter, a young musician, or a young couple are very similar to the animated life-style of Hanoi. 
After that, we spend an hours to enjoy Water Puppet which developed from the long-standing rice civilization. To be gotten inspiration from the daily life of Vietnamese farmers, Water Puppet just tells you about the closet stories of the home villages. 
Check in the hotel for a short relaxing, then taking part in the Welcome Dinner at Maison Sen. It is a luxury buffet restaurant in the middle of the Capital. With the cozy space and diversified cuisine, you will have a perfect meals for the night. 
21:00: We will stay at Hanoi Railway Station to transfer to Lao Cai. Overnight on the train.
Day 2
Fansipan Climbing
B, L, D
The way to conquer Fansipan with lots of challenge.
The way to conquer Fansipan with lots of challenge.
05.25. Arrival at Lao Cai railway Station and stop at a local house to change your costumes for being suitable with climbing.
07.00. Having a breakfast at a local restaurant.
08.30.You picked up to Ton Station to begin exploring the spectacular Fansipan. 
12.30. We will touch to the station of 2,200 m Station. This is the time to take your lunch and a short rest. It is a simple picnic meal between the mountains and forests of Mt. Hoang Lien Son. 
In amongst the breathtaking scene of mountains, some of brilliant forested flowers is embellishing with its impressing colors and beauties. Higher you do, more amazing you gain. After crossing the rain forest and a pleasure stream, you reach to nearer with the next stop. 
About 17.00. We will be happy to meet the campsite in the 2,800m high of the mountain. It is the very exciting time for relaxing and eating after you had a hard climbing day. A boiling and delicious dinner is ready to serve you.
With 2,800 meters in mountain, you should take your eyes to see the sky with millions stars at that night. Overnight at the campsite.
(You should sleep soon to be able get up early next morning to catch the dawn)
Day 3
Fansipan - Sapa Town
B, L
Reach to the conquering feeling when you touch to this peak
Reach to the conquering feeling when you touch to this peak
04.00. We will wake up for a very soon breakfast.
04.30. Motive yourselves to begin the way of the peak mountain winning. This is also the most wonderful part of the Fansipan adventure route. Following the pathway step by step, you will see an interesting flora. It is brighter and brighter in each of your tread. As soon as reaching to the highest places, you have to go over a series of high stairs in such narrow space that is covered by the high lines of wild grass. 
05.30 – 06.00. Congratulation for winning over yourselves to reach to the roof of Indochina. If being in time, you can witness the incredible sunset from the peak of Fanxipan – a rare experience in your life. Nothing to do unless contemplating the most spectacular panorama bellow your foot (include: Laos, China and Sapa town); and the soft cloud is likely in your hand. 
After circa 1 hour in the peak of Fansipan (Read more about Fansipan adventure), we start turning ahead to Sapa town. 
12.00. We will take our picnic lunch at the 2,200m Stop.
16.00. Stay at Ton Stop. The bus will pick you to the hotel in Sapa town. Spend your free night time to enjoy a fantastic Sapa. Overnight at the hotel in Sapa town. 
Day 4
Cat Cat - Sin Chai Village - Return to Hanoi
B, L, D
Experience the primary Ethnic life in the rural villages around Sapa town
Experience the primary Ethnic life in the rural villages around Sapa town
After breakfast at the hotel, you will take an easy trekking to Cat Cat village and Sin Chai Village where you can meet and talk to Ethnic Group. With about 2 kilometers trekking from Sapa town, we will be present in the place of H’mong people. People said that H’mong has a characterized customs as the cat. They also build a nice life in mountain sides with the long-standing traditional trade as brocade weaving, flower planning and rice growing. Especially, green rice-terraces in the summer or yellow paddies in the autumn is the specific of West-North Vietnam. 
Enjoy the lunch with local people, then going ahead to Sin Chai Village by private bus. It is one of the most interesting minority village of Lao Cai with the Black H’mong, rice and corn fields. Thanks to a surprisingly pleasure and clean environment, the local people often live to a great age. Sin Chai is also plentiful with many kinds of herbal plants that bring them a noticeable income each year.
Bidding the lovely mountains village a farewell, we turn back to Lao Cai Station to transfer to Hanoi. Overnight on the Railway.
Day 5
Good morning Hanoi
Explore Hanoi  in the very morning with colorful Quan Ba market.
Explore Hanoi in the very morning with colorful Quan Ba market.
05.25. Arrival at Hanoi Capital. Pick of send bus will bring you up to Quang Ba flower market in Tay Ho District. It is usually hold around 2a.m, so that it is called “night flower market” by Hanoier. Quang Ba is the largest wholesale flower market in Hanoi with the great number of traders come every day. We will visit here to see an early flower market with unlimited colorful flowers. If you want to buy something, remember to bargain price with the sellers.
07.30. Enjoy the best breakfast of Vietnamese in the central Hanoi. A hot “Phở” will fill your stomach and make you happy by its tasty flavor, especially in the winter.
09.00. Go to the hotel in The Old Quarter. After several exploring day, you have a whole free day in Hanoi. Take your free time and overnight at the hotel in Hanoi. 
See Hanoi What to do and What to eat here.
Day 6
Hanoi - Ninh Binh
B, L
Blow your mind with the boat trips in Ninh Binh.
Blow your mind with the boat trips in Ninh Binh.
08.15. Far East Tour’s bus & guide will pick you up from the hotel to Ninh Binh (after your breakfast).
10.30. We will stop at a local house to take a short rest with a cup of tea. To begin a venture day, we take a bicycle to ride along the rural pathway. Following tour guide and looking at the simple scenes around, you will present at Van Long Nature Reserve to join in a boat excursion. On circa 90 minutes, you will stream in amongst the breathtaking nature with the world of water grass, mountains, and sea-weed underwater. In the summer, when lotus blossoms, Van Long swamp is likely wearing a fascinating coat. Luckly, you can find out a family of trachypithecus delacouri (the mokey has a white area in his ass) in mountains. 
Riding back for lunch in local house.
In the afternoon, we move to Thung Nham Bird Park to explore the heaven of Mother Nature with the mysterious But Cave, the fruit garden, magical banyan tree where thousands birds converges every evening. 
16.00. We start moving to Hanoi. Free dinner & overnight at the hotel in Hanoi.
Day 7
Savor Hanoi by your own way
Take breakfast at the hotel, then savoring the morning of Hanoi by your way. You can walk around The Old Quarters to explore Hanoi life-style with variety of street foods, strange-looking street hawkers who is contriving well in a simple costume and a “nón lá” (Vietnamese traditional conical). This is the time to look the ancient French architectures everywhere you pass in the antique street of Hanoi. 
Depending on your departure time, Far East Tour’s bus & tour guide will pick you up to the airport. End of Vietnam Itinerary 7 days of adventure Hanoi - Sapa - Ninh Binh.

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