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Perfume Pagoda Day Trip From Hanoi

Hanoi - Perfume Pagoda: Yen Stream - Thien Tru Pagoda - Huong Tich Grotto
Perfume Pagoda (Vietnamese name: Chua Huong) is not only a holy place, but also well-known as a great travel attraction by its natural scenes. It is far away Hanoi only 70km, you can easy to visit the pagoda and come back to Hanoi in one day. If you go to the pagoda as a pilgrim travel, let join the biggest festival here in March by Vietnamese Calendar. But a day trip from Hanoi for sightseeing, Chua Huong is the most bewitching in the first day of summer and the autumn. These are the time for some local flowers bloom. Especially, Yen stream always becomes a mysterious fairy by the fulfilling of water lily and cane-brake in October and November. Moreover, Perfume Pagoda is an ideal area for trekking and hiking with many different routes, and pagodas. 


Day 1
Hanoi - Thien Tru Pagoda - Huong Tich Grotto
Yen stream looks like a fairy in the peak season of water-lily
Yen stream looks like a fairy in the peak season of water-lily
08.00. We start from Hanoi to the area of Huong Pagoda.
09.00. Take a boat trip to go along the Yen Stream (circa 1.5 hours). You will be thrilled by the amazingly dreaming beauty of the stream, which is curving and covering around the mountains of Perfume Pagoda. The first destination is Trinh shrine – a small gateway to the spirit world. All of pilgrimages has to come over Trinh Shrine to begin their religion journey before embarking into Ben Duc (Duc Quay). 
After that, our boat will stop in the yard of Thien Tru Pagoda – the main pagoda in Lao Mountain. It was name after of Thien Tru star when Kinh Ly Thanh Tong traveled incognito and recognized that this pagoda had been placed under the area of Thien Tru star. Let allow the knowledgeable tour guide to be heard the interesting story. 
In the last time of morning, passenger catch a cable to run to the peak of Chua Huong where we can visit Huong Tich Grotto. It is located in the high of 2000m above level sea, Huong Tich is the last destinatio, and also the most important spiritual place of Chua Huong. Everybody comes here to pray for health, happiness, peacefulness, luck … 
Later, we return to Duc Quay by foot (trekking into the down stairs). Have a lunch before going back to Hanoi. End of Perfume Pagoda day trip from Hanoi.

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