5 lively Vietnam floating markets in Mekong Delta

Floating Market is a unique characteristic when coming to the Southwest of Vietnam. Five most unique floating markets of the Southwest attract most tourists because of its cultural waterway features and plentifully tropical commodities sold among crowed boats. Together with Mekong-delta tours, we also learn about the interesting floating markets as bellowed:


Cai Rang floating market is hold on Cai Rang river and far from Can Tho city about 6 km. It has been become an attracting tourism place that the visitors can’t ignore every time they go to Can Tho province. It takes only 30 minutes to go from Ninh Kieu wharf to there.

Being one of the three largest floating markets in Mekong River delta, Cai Rang market is always crowed with merchants and hundreds of boats, junks parked closely together in the early morning. This market is opened up from 3.00am to 9.00am daily, but in all days when it’s closed to Tet holiday. At Cai Rang floating market, visitors not only satisfy with boats full of fruits, agricultural products, but also enjoy a variety of dining services followed the Mekong delta style: noodles, coffee, floating pubs. You will also be impressed with a unique marketing of "hang what they sell" of people here: hanging merchandise up to a rod for sale called "Beo tree" in order that visitors can see from afar. Laughter, voices, sound of waters moved by paddle and feeling bobbed will be certainly engraved on the hearts of many tourists coming to Cai Rang, Can Tho.
The floating market’s marketing way is hanging what they sold


It has been hold from the 18th century, Cai Be floating market is contiguous to three provinces including Vinh Long, Ben Tre, Tien Giang. This oldest floating market in Tien Giang attracts tourists because of not only extremely crowed boats but also beautiful town as a watercolor painting with the gardens in series, streets along the waterfront loomed behind coconut trees and cypresses that is typical in Southwest. There are more abundant produces consisting of fruit, poultry, seafood, and even household article, textiles. If you buy something as a gift, you can buy tangerine, coconut candy or even soap made from coconut – Cai Be’s specialty. You should also prepare to reach the market from early morning to visit by boat because Cai Rang market opens only from 2 am to 8 am.
A small corner of the colorful Cai Be floating market 

A small colorful corner of Cai Be floating market


Phung Hiep floating market is far from Vi Thanh city (Hau Giang province) about 75 km and far from Can Tho city center about 30 km to the South. It is located on Phung Hiep intersection where seven branches of river meets so it was called Nga Bay market.
Nga Bay Market in the river of Hau Giang
Nga Bay Market in the river of Hau Giang 
Like Cai Be and Cai Rang floating market, Phung Hiep market consists of hundreds of boats carry goods and commodities for not only local area but also for northern provinces and foreign tourists from five continents in the world. 

In addition to enjoy southwestern specialties, visitors can buy Hau Giang’s famous handicrafts as a gift. Other different feature at Phung Hiep is snake market which shows all kinds of snakes and high-class snake wine. Besides, there are also turtles, tortoises, geckos, varan ... If you want to explore the rivers in Southwestern area, Nga Bay floating market will certainly satisfy you with both scenic and cultural characteristics of the Mekong Delta region.
Boiling market of Phung Hiep with variety of fruits and flowers
Boiling market of Phung Hiep with variety of fruits and flowers


It is far from the city center about 2 km, although Long Xuyen floating market is not as popular as other markets but visitors can still feel the liberality of people living in hick town in the Southwest. In Long Xuyen floating market, there are many kinds of crops such as vegetables, egg-plant, cabbage, squash, potatoes ... and also unless kinds of fruit such as bananas, shaddocks, oranges, tangerine, etc.
Long Xuyen floating market on the River of Vietnam Mekong Delta
Long Xuyen floating market on the River of Vietnam Mekong Delta
Besides, you can go shopping all day without having to enlist time to go from early as the others. In addition to get to know the business on boats, tourists can see with their own eyes the daily life of people living on boats, to get more understandings about the life here.


It is far 250m from Tra On rivulet, Tra On floating market is located on Hau River’s at downstream with over 300m long. Especially, the market often gathers along the tide and is very crowded on days of high tide. 
Tra On floating market in Vinh Long Province
Tra On floating market in Vinh Long Province
Tra On floating market plays a role as a wholesale market; all products are sold by wholesale, agriculture products include winged yams, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, colocynths …; fruits includes the king orange of Tan Thanh, the star apple of Hoa Binh, the durian of Luc Si Thanh…Another distinguished characteristic of Tra On market is the canoes selling strange – looking and colorful flowers.  Visitors to Tra also should not ignore the special "fish-fighting" with all kinds of process which nowhere can’t have. After eating that can bring back a pack of the characteristic produce of southwestern river region, few tourists do not go back to this place.

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