The Co Chien Riverside Brick Making Village

Witnessing the images of red burning brick kilns along the canal’s shores and of the daily life of the brick workers is really an amazing experience. 


We departed very early from Ho Chi Minh City and after 2 hours, we passed My Thuan Bridge to arrive in Vinh Long at 7 a.m. We had breakfast in a street noodle shop while waiting for the opening time to see the brick making process in the kilns. 
a skillful Co Chien worker is doing some vases  
A skillful worker creates vases from clay.
After having breakfast, we went ahead from My Thuan Bridge and then turned left to visit the pottery village of Co Chien. It takes about 20 minutes on the car to run on a small path along Co Chien River before passing a surprising canal.  
Facing us is long canal with the red brick towers along the two shores. They stand side by side as if the ancient fortresses. On the canal, boats full of red bricks and yellow rice husks cleave the waves. This area is considered headquarter of Co Chien pottery village. 
the completed bricks are moving outside 
Bricks are transferred outside from the kiln 


We visit a brickyard where bricks are going to come out of kiln. This seems to be the busiest time for the workers here. Different kinds of bricks need different time to be done so they are heated in different sectors. 
The Co Chien riverside village has the brick houses look like as the fortresses. 
The brickyard wall recalls the ancient fortresses. 
Owing to the conveyors, works in a brick kiln seems to be a bit easier. The workers are all so friendly. Despite being overwhelmed with works, they guided us to go to the kiln to take photos enthusiastically. Inside the kiln, hot air and dirt made us breathless after just a few minutes. However, thanks to them, gleams from the roof of the kiln look more magical. That was the scene that I took a lot of pictures about. Those workers were also willing to serve as the reluctant models in our pictures and proudly shared with us about the typical red of the clay in Co Chien after being heated.  
The pottery products are going to be burnt for the last step. 
Pottery products which are going to be heated.


We left the brickyard at 12 o’clock to be back to Vinh Long and enjoyed a special meal of the West there with some simple but unique dishes like grilled frog, Snake-head porridge and so on. After resting for a few minutes, Mr. Thanh Hai leaded us to visit another place. It was one of the largest workshops producing ceramics in the region where specializes in making pottery products for export. 
the daily working in Co Chien village to make the best brick. 
Cooked bricks are out in order to drying bricks to be in the kiln.
In this brickyard, we had a chance to witness directly the process of transferring from the grey clay into ceramic products. By the skillful hands of the workers and the turning tables, numerous special products are formed, ranging from some lovely pets to the sophisticated houses. After being dried in the sunlight, they are heated in the kiln and then transported worldwide. 
Standing behind the brick kiln and see through the other shore of the river, the sun in red downing behind the brickyard walls caught our eyes. That was such an unforgettable scenery that makes me always long for coming back to Co Chien whenever I can. 

11 days travel to Southern Vietnam includes visiting the riverside Co Chien brick making village.
10 days Vietnam Classic Package visit the brick village in Sa Dec.

Products of the village have been present in European countries, the Americas, Australia and some Asian countries: Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan .... Hopefully, in the near future, Co Chien red pottery village will be on par with other pottery villages throughout the country ready to integrate into the international economy, bringing the talent of the Co Chien craftsman, bringing the Vietnamese soul, bring Eastern culture to friends around the world.

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