Cat Ba National Park - The Ecosystem of Halong Bay

Cat Ba is one of large island in Haiphong, is a place of entertainment, relaxation and leisure for many travelers to Vietnam
Cat Ba Island is located on Ha Long Bay to the South, offshore Hai Phong city and Quang Ninh province, far from the center of Hai Phong city about 30 kilometers and far from Ha Long City about 25 kilometers. Administratively, this archipelago is belonged to Cat Hai District, Hai Phong City. It was recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve zone in the world. The infrastructure is quite developed with complex of many hotels, motels, resorts, temples and especially Hai Phong City already deployed wifi transceiver station on the whole island.

Scenic places of Cat Ba Island were recognized as special national relic. This is the worship of historical, cultural, scientific value and honor for precious beauty of Cat Ba Island. At the same time, it has practical significance for this archipelago as soon as possibly recognized as World Natural Heritage by UNESCO. Cat Ba National Park is the SUF (special use forests) of Vietnam, the world's biosphere reserve zone. Cat Ba National Park is situated in Cat Hai District, Hai Phong City.
Biosphere in Cat Ba National Park 
Cat Ba National Park is the world's biosphere reserve zone.

Cat Ba National Park is the world's biosphere reserve zone in Cat Ba. It is a special national park with a combination of many different ecosystems: evergreen forests on limestone mountains, flooded forests on high mountains (Frog Pond), coastal mangrove forests, sea with inshore reefs, caves system with distinct characteristics (habitat of the Bat) and farming system located between the valley as Khe Sau or residential areas. Cat Ba National Park is one of the key conservation of Cat Ba.

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The plants’ ingredients include 741 different species, many precious types of trees such as: trai ly, lat hoa, lim xet, de hoa, kim giao, go trang, cho dai…in the world only Himalayas has, 23 mangrove plant species, 75 seaweed species, 199 phytoplankton species.

With high biodiversity, Cat Ba Island was officially recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve zone in the world in the meeting of International Council about coordination program between biosphere and human held in Paris on 29/10/2004. Cat Ba archipelago is recognized by UNESCO as biosphere reserve is a great thing for Cat Ba. It is a motivation to force economic, tourism development and promote aquaculture farming, aquaculture fishing, seafood scientific research.
The Monkey Island in Cat Ba National Park
The Monkey Island in Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba is not only the largest biosphere reserve zone in the world but also includes many beautiful and pure bays as Lan Ha Bay and hundreds of bays similar to a fascinating marine park, wilderness scenic like: ao Ech (Frog Pond), vung Le (Le bay), vung Tung Gau (Tung gau bay)…In which, “vung Tung Gau” goes deeply into the island to 7,5 kilometers, entrance is about 400 meters wide, medium depth is from 4 to 5 meters with many rare marine resources. This is an ideal place for tourists to Cat Ba to take bathe with clear blue water and white sand beach formed from tiny fragments of coral. Because of biodiversity, many tourists annually arrive Cat Ba to visit. Most of tourists travel to Cat Ba in 2 days 1 night to be able to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery as well as entertainment destinations in Cat Ba.


When is the best time to go to Cat Ba?

You can visit Cat Ba at any time of the year. If you do not swim, you can come here to explore Cat Ba National Park with thousands of kinds of rich flora and fauna. However, summer is the best time for travelling. June, July, August are the peak season. Vietnamese visitors usually go from April to October, and from November to March, mostly international tourists come to Cat Ba.

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