Cu Chi Tunnels after 40 Years of Unification

The tunnel system of more than 200 km long which is able to protect people from weight bombs is a miracle of the people in Cu Chi. After more than 40 years of foundation, this place becomes a historical relic attracting numerous tourists. 

About 70 km to the Northwest from Ho Chi Minh city centre, Cu Chi Tunnel system is the firm base of Saigon – Gia Dinh Commanders during the war fighting for national unification. The relic now is preserved at the two locations of Ben Duoc and Ben Dinh.

Belonging to the total system, Ben Duoc Tunnel was ranked as national relic in 1979. This is a construction with unique architecture with the tunnel system deep underground, a lot of storeys and branches which look like the spider net of more than 200 km. each storey includes living and working places for management board, nursery area, kitchen and the storage place of weapon and food, well for water, fighting area, tailor shop and so on.

Cu Chi tunnel system is the achievement of more than 20 years with efforts of many generations. One digging group contains 3 or 4 people in which 1 person dig and 1 take the soil out from the tunnel. The construction was started at the end of 1940s and was used by the National Front for the Liberation of the South in Mau Than New Year 1968. The tunnel system was built on a ground of clay mixed with laterite with high duration. The system is located deeply underground which can afford the destructive power from heavy bombs of American troop.
The sophisticated construction of Cu Chi Tunnels with length spreading to Saigon River.
The sophisticated construction of Cu Chi Tunnels with length spreading to Saigon River.

The tunnel system is the symbol of resistance and talent of the local in Cu Chi. American and the Vietnam Republic troops opened lots of massive bombing and destruction lasting for many years, but they all suffered from the strong resistance of our troop in this important location. American troop then were afraid of Cu Chi as this is the cemetery for American marine and other troops.

The roads inside the tunnels were set with secret covers. Tunnel doors are narrow and small which are fit only for Vietnamese. This system contains all the functional compartments from commander room, resting room, weapon storage to clinic and so on.  

The system contains 3 floors and from the main road, there are long and short branches connecting to each other. Some of them even go to Saigon River. The first floor is about 3m from the ground which can protect from bombs, ammunitions and weigh of armoured trucks and tanks. The second floor is 5m from the ground which can afford small bombs. The deepest floor is about 10 to 8m under the ground which is very safe. All the strong and large bombs are unable to reach. These tunnels are lust high enough for people to go with their back bended. American and Vietnam Republic troops constantly hit the tunnel system by bombs, water or stifle air, but the concrete system were not damaged seriously. 

Air enters the tunnels through air holes which are located along the system and around 10m or 15m from each other. The appearances of these air holes on the ground look like the extrusion dunes of termites. Some of the air holes were used as the secret points to attract the enemy. Sometimes, American troop detects them due to using hunting dogs. Our talented soldiers coped with this situation by placing soap or pepper powder on the hole entrance to unable the smell of dog.
The narrow and dark air hole of Cu Chi Tunnels.

One of the excellent inventions of Cu Chi soldiers and people in order to hire Hoang Cam stoves when cooking is to create a lot of air holes so that the amount of smoke spreading is little which can be blended with dirt and leave of the forests.
Some living spaces of Cu Chi Tunnels.
On the ground and inside the tunnels, there are a lot of fighting dunes, mine yards, screw holes or traps which is arranged in continuous groups, creating a firm battle field for our guerrilla war.
An american tourist is happy with Cu Chi Tunnels.
An American tourist was surprised for the sophisticated features of Cu Chi tunnel system.
National Geographic channel voted this as one of the most imposing tunnel systems
in the world built by mankind.

soldiers and people in the tunnels also produced simple weapons for trapping every place
Besides, soldiers and people in the tunnels also produced simple weapons
for trapping every place in order to eliminate the invaders.
Every day, especially at weekend and holiday times, Cu Chi Tunnel Relic attracts lots of local and international tourists coming to visit and learn about the long, tough but prideful fight against enemy of Cu Chi soldiers and people as well as Vietnamese in general.

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