Hoan Kiem Lake (Return Sword Lake) – The heart of Hanoi Capital

Vietnamese people, especially those who have been born and raised in Hanoi, whether they live, domestic or foreign, but whenever remembering the Capital, they always talk about Hoan Kiem Lake with earnest feeling.
Return Sword Lake (Hoan Kiem Lake) is not large, not immense as West Lake, only a tiny size but located in a special position, too sacred for nowhere in this city to be. Situated in a central location, the Lake is linked the old town and Western-style town with Europe architecture that France implemented over a century ago. If comparing the lake is the palm, fingers will be the familiar streets of Hanoi, from Hang Ngang, Hang Dao, Cau Go, Luong Van Can, Lo Su street of the old town to the old street Bao Khanh Street, Nha Tho, Trang Thi, Hang Bai, Dinh Tien Hoang, Trang Tien, Hang Khay, Ba Trieu, etc. They makes "rivers of city" flowing to Hoan Kiem Lake.
Hoan Kiem Lake connect the old town with colonial French architecture, and lies in a very special position.
Hoan Kiem Lake connect the old town with colonial French architecture,
and lies in a very special position.

Day as well as night, the rhythm of life around Hoan Kiem Lake area is always lively and bustle. The lake water is lush green year round, surrounded by the row of graceful willow. The ancient barringt onia acutangula trees still quietly drop clusters of red flowers as thousands of tiny lanterns, be sparkling on lake surface in late spring enough to make visitors stupor and vibratory.
The Lake is always crowded, bustling and full of simple activities though it is day or night.
Hanoiers are taking some excersises to begin their new days in Hoan Kiem Lake.

Vivid picture inside the city
It can be affirmed along with many scenic spots such as Truc Bach Lake, One Pillar Pagoda, West Lake, Sword Lake is the most distinctive highlight in the heart of the city. Unique point of Guom Lake is not only its look as a romantic beautiful picture, but also the root of many stories associated with the birth and existence of Hanoi past and present.

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People in all parts of the country go to visit Hanoi though nobody knows each other, when standing together on The Huc Bridge or strolling along the Lake, everyone has a general mood, relieved interspersed proud feel. One time to Sword Lake is a lifetime to remember, pride is always running in your heart. But not everyone knows when Sword Lake born and which varying vicissitudes of history attached to the land and people of Hanoi.
The Huc Bridge with the historical beauty, in accompanied with Ngoc Son temple.
The Huc Bridge with the historical beauty, in accompanied with Ngoc Son temple.
Cultural Center of Hanoi
Hoan Kiem Lake is always crowded with people coming for sightseeing, recreation, entertainment, photographic memories, the foreign tourists often stroll around the lake to save their moments only here.

Return Sword Lake is not only beautiful in the heart of capital’s residents, attractive tourism destination of people across country, but also impressive place of international tourists. Selymam, Turkey said: "My country also has many landscapes, but I love Hoan Kiem Lake because of romantic beauty and green surface. Travelling to Hanoi without visiting this lake considers as just touching foot in the capital alone, not to its heart".
Hoan Kiem Lake, for the thousand year, is still the cultural center of Vietnam.
Hoan Kiem Lake, for the thousand year, is still the cultural center of Vietnam.
Sword Lake is not only the pride of Hanoi, but also of all Vietnamese people each time come to this land. Originality, thoughtful and romantic beauty, uplifting emotion, intimacy of Sword Lake makes everybody who had one time arriving also vowing back in someday.

Hoan Kiem Lake has been associated with the lives and feelings of many people. The lake is located in the center of a district with narrow old quarters, which has opened up a wide enough space for indigenous cultural activities.

And more than that, the lake is associated with the legend, the symbol of the thirst for peace (returning the sword holding the pen), the virtue of the nation's martial arts (the sacred sword at the bottom of the lake and the pen tower written on the blue sky). Therefore, many artists and artists have taken the image of Ho Guom as the foundation for their works. 

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