Indispensable Souvenirs for Tourist When Visiting Cambodia

Cambodia is gradually becoming a new trend in Asian tourism. Not only special because of the classic mysterious temples, Cambodia is also loved by the fascinating culture. Visiting the land of Yellow Temple, do not forget to bring Khmer-characterized souvenirs back your home.

1. Silk

In Cambodia, the majority of silk products are made by traditional handmade methods. Visitors can choose some souvenirs made of silk such as scarves, head scarves, silk fabric... To buy better quality gifts, you should look to Koh Dach island - where is dubbed as a homeland of products made of silk, far about 15 kilometers from Phnom Penh.
Residents on Koh Dach Island is weaving silk 
Residents on Koh Dach Island is weaving silk.

2. Krama bandana

Krama bandana is a characteristic of Cambodia and woven from soft cotton yarn to help absorb sweat. Krama bandana is also an indispensable accessory for young backpackers who love moving. Besides using it as a scarf covering, Cambodians also use Krama bandana in many other works as: to carry the baby, to bring anything they can, to cover tables, chairs, to decorate ... Common selling price is 1 USD for a bandana, if you buy a lot, the price can be cheaper.
Krama bandana is a characterized scarf of Cambodia 
Krama bandana is a characterized scarf of Cambodia.
It is used every time and every where by Cambodia 
The Cambodia use Krama bandana every time and every where
Things to do in Siem Reap
  • Discovering the Mystery of Khmer Largest Projects - Angkor Complex
  • Tonle Sap - an Impressive Cambodian Natural Lake

3. Sculptural items

The small sculpted works which are very pretty in Cambodia, you can buy as a gift for your friends including sculpted works on stone, wood, bronze and even silver with the images such as: Buddha, Apsara, well known places... These are the furnishing items that many people love. From block of rocks or wood which are seemed inanimate but through the hands of Cambodian artisans, they become extraordinarily soulful.
a stall sells sculptural items in Siem Reap 
A stall sells sculptural items in Siem Riep.

4. Silver jewelry

Besides the listed souvenirs above, you can also buy products made from silver. In Cambodia, from 11th century, silver products have been widely used in religious ceremonies. With the development of tourism, in Phnom Penh and Siem Riep, stores selling the products made from silver like bracelet, necklace, ... appear more and more, so visitors can comfortably choose unique jewelry as gifts for loved relative.
many visitors like silver products in Cambodia 
Many visitors like silver products in Cambodia

5. Jaggery

Palm tree is a featured plant which grows many in Cambodia. Sugar is made from palm tree with sweet taste and used to cook very tasty. That's why many people often choose to buy jaggery as a gift when traveling Cambodia. Especially when buying jaggery here, you will discover an unexpected truth that jaggery is never enough stiffness to condense into blocks. Therefore, jaggery sugar is very tasty and truly sugar in liquid form, so yellow that it has no different from good types of honey.
A part of jaggery processing of Cambodian 
A part of jaggery processing of Cambodian.

Ideal shopping location in Cambodia
  • Sorya Shopping Center
  • Angkor Night Market:
  • Khrme ceramic center:
  • Louise Loubatieres Gallery
  • Central Market
  • Russian Market 
  • Lucky Supermarket
  • Bliss shop
  • Street 240
  • Aeon shopping mall

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