Kayaking on Bright and Dark Cave in Lan Ha Bay

In the exciting experience program of Halong Bay Cruises, paddling kayaking through Bright and Dark Cave on Lan Ha Bay certainly will help you get closer to the mysterious beauty of Halong.

Lan Ha Bay lies in the East of Cat Ba Island, face-looking out of Van gate, adjacent to Ha Long Bay. It is a very quiet arc-shapegulf with about 400 large and small islands. The islands of Lan Ha Bay are covered by green trees and vegetation, even the extremely tiny islands. Lan Ha Bay is picturesque with clear water, green mountains, golden sand and fresh seafood. It is a really great place to attract tourists to Ha Long Bay no matter in which time.
Amazing Bright and Dark Cave in Lan Ha Bay 
Amazing journey  through Bright and Dark Cave in Lan Ha Bay.
The density of limestone here is quite thick and still wild, sea surface is divided into small gutters, bays. Many lagoons, bays, caves have not been unexplored. There are hundreds of mountains with varied appearances depending on the similarity between the island’s shape and objects as: Hon Guoc (similar to high-heel), Hon Doi (like a bat), etc.

Unlike withother regions in Ha Long Bay, Bright & Dark Cave area is always deserted and welcomes visitors to explore. Besides the sandy beach stretching between two strips of rock mountains on Lan Ha Bay are calm water surface and waves just ripple. It owns pure waters, an ideal for swimming. Looming under clear blue water is the color coral as Van Boi beach, Van Ha beach, etc.
The dark cave in the area you kayak through out
The dark part of the cave
By tiny bamboo boats or kayaking, travelers can easily flip through the creeks for excursion, kayaking by your-self to light or dark areas covered with limestone. Visitors also visit caves, stop for bathing and snorkeling to see coral reefs at the pristine deserted beaches of Lan Ha. In Lan Ha Bay, there are some small fishing villages isolated from residential areas, where farming many types of seafood such as: mussels, snout, cobia, crab, abalone, fish ... They also offer seafood to restaurants catering tourists on the island.

The most appropriate time for boating on Lan Ha Bay is in summer. Hot weather but nothing is better than to be sitting on a boat then surfing on the sea face, soaking in cool water or enjoying seafood in a floating restaurant on Cat Ba Beach. In particular, the daylight hours seem longer in summer, you'll have plenty of time to explore the breathtaking natural of The World Wonder in Grayline Halong Cruise’s journey. And more surprisingly, when the sunset gradually pulls down, it will bring one enchanting scene before your head.

The ideal time to visit Lan Ha Bay

With a cool, fresh climate, you can travel to Lan Ha Bay at any time of the year. Normally, for domestic tourists, they usually go in the summer from April to October. The weather is sunny, the sea is clear, suitable for relaxing bathing as well as sailing on the bay. As for foreign tourists, Lan Ha Bay becomes the most beautiful from November to March.

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