Kompong Khleang Floating Village with Flooding Forest in Tonle Sap

In Cambodia tours, visitors can visit the fishing village of Kompong Khleang to feel a presence of Cambodian’s living with floating houses, surely these things make visitors have the most interesting and exciting experience.

Kompong Khleang is far about 55 kilometers from Siem Reap to the West. It is a large and remote village locating on submerged Tonle Sap Lake - Biosphere Reserve is preserved by UNESCO. It provides more than half fish amount throughout Cambodia. 
Kompong Khleang fishing village is a biosphere reserve
However, the people’s life here is not easy. In dry season, Tonle Sap water flows into Mekong River. In rainy season, the lake water level rises up to 12 meters and extends over 20,000 km2 areas, larger than 5 times with dry season. Resident will be faced with both physical and economical challenges with many floating houses here which are tenuous to cope with extreme weather conditions.
Most houses in the fishing village are bamboo huts with only one room, the people’s life here is very miserable and misery. In dry season, the houses stand precariously on bamboo poles which are firmly plugged into the lake. Whenever flood comes, people can only use wooden boats to move around Kompong Khleang among stilt houses of selling goods, schools and health facilities, even having temples on stilt houses.
Most houses in Kompong Khleang are bamboo buts 
All children in the village know boating so they have to go to school and come back home by themselves. The lake’s face is their playground, children jump from this boat to another one, play hide and seek on long boat of their families.
the innocence child face
All the scenes are immersed in water background. When you travel to this land, you will see almost floating houses without pile construction to be freely floated on river when the water level rises. Floating houses are made from bamboo or wood. They may be safe while low water level but with the strong tide in rainy season, floating houses are proved so precarious. The main occupation of villagers in fishing village is fishing or agriculture farming.
Flooding forest in the fishing village in Tonle Sap Lake

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      Tips for visiting Floating Village in Tonle Sap

  • When traveling by boat, a boat should not carry more than 5 tourists.
  • The dry season of Tonle Sap starts from February to July and the flooding season is from August to November.
  • Half a day is the most suitable time to visit the this lake

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