Walking into the Lively Night Market Phsar Chas in Siem Reap

Old Market or Phsar Chas is the name of Siem Reap’s center area - a "dissipated" place and unlimited shopping. "Go to market very favorite!" - That would be a comment of many people after going to the market here.
The Cambodia set up more than 100 booths and arrange evenly in the middle, along its sides are two rows of shops on the street. It works effectively because tourists often come to enjoy purchasing, holding hands without fearing of stealing or collision incidents. Comfortably buying and selling: Seeing and choosing free without fear of scolding, being expensive, blunder even you don’t buy anything. The Cambodians don’t overcharge so much, but do not buy anything without bargaining. Tourists often like to call this country as "one dollar" country, because many small petite things can be easily negotiate to the price of one dollar. Popular commodity is silk. You can order a silk clothes and get it within 24-48 hours. This is similar to Hoian or Hue (in Vietnam), when you order sewing “ao dai” or one fit pair of shoes, a satisfied suit from the hands of rustic tailors.

Checkerboard scarves - traditional scarf of the Khmer which becomes the most purchased item when visitors go to Siem Reap night market. Its price is affordable and buy more you will get discount. Depending on the quality, the price will be varied between 1-10 dollars per scarf. The Cambodians use checkerboard scarves year-round. When you meet unexpected circumstances, this scarves not only use for head-wearing, or neck-covering, which can also be used as a wrap dress for women and loincloths for men when wading streams.
A small corner in The Pub Street
Style trousers "alibaba" in Siem Reap and small pattern strapless dresses are also much more concerned by many girls and women. The Siem Reap were familiar to welcome "international" visitors, they are always affable, cheerful, lovely. They allow you to try in - try out clothes and if don’t like you can return without fear of unhappy face of sellers. Travelers love this attitude so they buy a lot. One more favorite items of visitors coming here is cotton T-shirts which are sold at extremely cheap prices. From 1.5 - 3 dollars for an affordable shirt with characterized shape of the world wonders in Siem Reap. Most of the buyers are young people who like this kind of T-shirt so much, it is also suitable as a gift for your same age friends. 
Foreigners come here almost love the night market very much
Cambodians are now aware of tourism is their way of life. That's why people here are self-becoming professional guides, practicing speaking English (must confess that they speak better than Chinese people along the border). From tuk tuk drivers to children also prefer to communicate with tourists by English without shyness. This brings fresh wind to Siem Reap and Cambodia. Therefore, the money currency here is mainly US dollars. Baht, Vietnam Dong and Cambodia money are "treated" the same, but prioritized and commonly used is still US dollars.

Now let just imagine that a woman who sells corn or rice bamboo on street, rides a rickety bike around the city but was exposed to the "trade" exchange by dollars in cash without any shyness, fear of counterfeit money because it is so ordinary with them. Maybe this is the reason why Cambodians have been more and more modern and moving towards modernization - integration than ever.

Some of the attractive places in this area of Phsar Chas are shops of stone, souvenirs, Buddha statues, antiques, and the sculpture. If you are politic, you will find Bayon four-face statue by milk-color stone, but when you touch your hands on, the surface of the ice will be turned to green color. So great, right? Visitors who like taking pictures, often looking for and contemplating the picture gallery. In Phsar Chas, a lot of foreigners come here to research, then staying overnight.
A Gallery with deep color of Khmer culture in the Pub Street
The proof is that my friend was so excited to watch the gallery of an American photographer. That is bad, I forgot his name. As well as other professional photographers, while passionate, they usually live here for months, even ... in a few years just to study and record the life of the people here through pictures. If you are going to market and smell fragrant suddenly make salivated, that is Khmer hot pot shop or BBQ restaurants on sidewalks. Let barge into and drink Angkor beer, you will have a fun dinner with inexpensive cost.

More "luxurious", if you want to relax, let stop at foot massage shops, they will make you feel comfortable for your feet after a day of activity. Too fun! Pub Street is bustling all night nearby the market. "Pub Street" is a place when night falls, people pull together here to enjoy the exciting atmosphere of restaurants area. There are many bars on two side streets as well as luxurious, polite, majestic Khmer and Western Europe restaurants. Almost pubs here open all day, but apparently they only really operate from 5 pm until 12 pm and it is likely that all night.
A pub in the Old market of Phsar Chas
From 7pm, it will be prohibited driving through this road and really becomes a happy place for visitors coming from afar. On two roadsides, seats are put closely with the sidewalk, people eager to enjoy slobbering after a day of visiting the mysterious temples, now is the time for relaxing. These restaurants are crowded with guests who are pampered and cared to every detail. You can find here all types of cuisine from Khmer, Thai, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Italy, France and so son, not missing anything. While waiting for ordered dishes, let be entertained by "watching" the ornamental décor of the restaurant or absently observe passersby walking outside. 
beef is fried with ants
These bars usually have their own music band and dancers - you will know how Apsara dance is. You will dream about the curves of Apsara dancers on the statues appearing before your eyes in almost ancient temples.

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Adding a little palm wine, your night will be more shaken, fanciful according to shaking rhythm Apsara dancers. Siem Reap’s night will be warmer and more passionate! After enjoying delicious food, you still want to continue to bar, coffee? You selected place correctly. Here the shops are closed together. Restaurant "The Red Piano" is located majestically at beautiful position of the market’s head, great dishes and nice decoration. Visitors only need to enter to enjoy your life. You like live music? - Right now! Including foreign and domestic singers, they will sing to serve you with affordable price, do not think that you don’t listen to save money, you still have to pay service charges.

I usually think that, in life sometimes - living by feel - so you should comfortably relax a little. Later, after the trip, when you return, you are again "leisurely" to make money. Do such that way you will feel eager longing all coming trips, indulge that enjoy the strange feeling, relaxing and very excited. After the "enjoyment", you can walk to the hotel or “guest house” where you live or when "playing so many till tired" you can raise your hand to pick up a tuk tuk from the guy already waits you to bring you back home with an attitude could not find any points to blame!
Brilliant revival! Everyone know Cambodia experienced how fierce the wartime were but very surprised, when you get to Cambodia and Siem Reap now, you will see a resurgent city. Also, the people are still poor, life remains difficult but Siem Reap with a population of less than 800,000 people have been called one of the most popular, lively and attractive cities for tourist in recent years.

Often after an exhausted day, you will just want to go to sleep to keep health for the conquest tomorrow. But, please do not do that in Siem Reap, because Siem Reap at night will give you the joy, relaxation, comfort, and give you a comfortable sense of enjoyment. Of course, if you "dare-play-all-yourself". Siem Reap is still exist cottages, hotels and guesthouses in the form of French-style because Cambodia was former French’s colony. Therefore, the combination of international architecture and Cambodian culture has created the interesting architectural peculiarities in this rejuvenated city.
5 best night markets in Siem Riep
- Angkor Night Market
Operating hours: 18h -0h daily
Address: Off Sivatha Boulevard, Siem Reap
- Old market (Phsar Chas)
Operating hours: 7am to 20h
Address: Phsar Chas Street, Siem Riep
- Made In Cambodia Market
Operating hours: 16h to 21h every Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday
Address: Oum Khun Street, Siem Riep
- Angkor Handicraft Association
Operating hours: 10am to 10pm
Address: Street 60, Traing village, Siem Riep
- Noon night market
Operating hours: 12h to 0h
Address: Vithey Charles, de Gaulle, Khum Slorkram, Siem Riep

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