Naked bathing custom of Tu Le in Mu Cang Chai

Tu Le not only attracts visitors by ripe yellow rice terraces in September but also attracts paparazzi by the Thai’s traditional living features such as “tam tien” (naked bathing) on stream. 

Tu Le is not strange longer on the Northwest’s tourist map. In these days, as well as many others destinations on Yen Bai High Land, Tu Le welcomes many domestic and international tourists to come to contemplate the immense yellow rice terraces. Although heard through about naked bathing of the Tu Le, not everyone come here will fortunately witness this scene of uniquecommunity activity.
 Naked bathing in Tu Le still maintain pristine and pure beauty
“Tam tien” in Tu Le still maintain pristine and pure beauty.
Thermae in Tu Le is far from the town’s center about more than 1 kilometer. Calling as a hot spring but actually it is a hot waterflow at 45 ° C which flows out of the ground nearbythe spring. The people here surround the flow to create a hot mineral bath and a warm mineral bath to serve everyone’s hobby. It can be said thatin comparison with other Northwest areas, “tam tien” in Tu Lestill retain pristine and purefeatures. 

Often in the late evening, the Tu Le regardless of age, sex, gurgling together to take streambathing. However, the majority are Thai girls who have white pink skin, dark hair and red cheeks. Today, the image of naked bathing girls in Tu Le is very rare but still exists.
the Tu Le together take-stream bath when sun falls down 
When the evening downs, the Tu Le invite each other to take-stream bath
There will be no strange in a cold afternoon, you catch sight of Thai girls slowly take off her cloth, lightly step down hot stream to soak across her chest. Among the steaming water and beautiful natural around, briefly seen sexy bare backs along with eagerly laughter, the girls from afar look like fairies descending to earth obscurely.

Naked bathing is considered as a relaxation way of the Thai’s girl and boy after a hard-working day. But there is also opinion that, thanks to naked bathing Thai’s girls have such a white pink skin. Here boys and girls can share the bathroom but keep the distance. The girls help each other washing and bathing by round boulders, sometimes laughter ring out in a crispy way.
Naked bathing ethnic girl in Tu Le, Mu Cang Chai
Naked bathing girls of Thai is the art inspiration of many photography
Travelers to stream can bathe together, splash water and exchanging talk. Even the people here are not too shy if you want to take a photo for as a souvenir. It will be unavoidable palpitation and vibrancy though to be an amateur or professional photographer in front of charming scenery of Highlander. But do not overdo it to make affect to fairytale moments here.

Tu Le destination is appropriate for a trip in 2 to 3 days. The cold days are crowded time at hot spring for bathing. Therefore, at this time you can combine with visiting Tu Le rice paddies with hot spring here.

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