An excursion to Ninh Binh in the ripen rice season

Ninh Binh at the begin of ripen rice season, there are many green paddies interleaved with shiny yellow paddies, somewhere reaping somewhere not yet that create lively color array on Ngo Dong River.

Amazing at beautiful scene as in the movie
Trang An, Tam Coc - Bich Dong, the scenic spots of Ninh Binh has made many audiences enchanted through the shimmering images in the film “Thien menh anh hung (Blood Letter)” in 2012. In June 2014, The populations of Trang An landscapes was recognized by UNESCO as cultural and natural heritage of the world, become the first mixture-heritage in Vietnam. Coming to Trang An, visitors will have special experiences is Vietnam, enjoy yourself with magnificent nature and cultural space that are imbued with ancient poetry and epic. 

Located at the edge of the Red River Delta, Trang An is a rare place which is still maintained long-standing rice cultivation. Rice plant here is only planted in fifth-month crop, ripened in late May to early June. These paddy fields are not needed to build up a dike by the farmers and cultivated right on Ngo Dong River. At harvest time, the villagers harvest rice when the water is high at the edge of half body in the blazing sun.
Stream along the Ngo Dong River to admire Tam Coc - Bich Dong in a ripen rice season
Stream along the Ngo Dong River to admire Tam Coc - Bich Dong in a ripen rice season
A favorite experience of many visitors is standing on several small peaks of mountain protruding at the cave’s entrance to see busy harvest scenic. In these days, all Tam Coc looks dreamy light up, with serene flowing river, meandering between shiny yellow of ripen rice paddies. Boats slowly glide on the river, a beautiful and poetic mountains and water area appeared in the fresh air.
Admire the painting of the harvest season in Trangan from the peak
Admire the painting of the harvest season in Trang An from the peak
Besides the unique scenery of rice paddies, Trang An also is a captivated land by miraculous beauty of caves system. The lakes are interconnected by a hyphen as the cross-water caves with different length. According to geologists, the ancient Trang An where was an incident area, created by geological movement process and considered as an "outdoor geological museum". Boat cruise along Ngo Dong river then following its winding through stretched rice paddies that will bring visitors an amazement time when you admire the magic beauty of three caves "cross-water cave" Ca cave, Hai cave, Ba cave.
Ca Cave in The fame of Trang An is really mysterious
Ca Cave in The fame of Trang An is really mysterious

For visitors, summer is also the best period of time to reach Tam Coc, both to avoid the solar heat and to relax, enjoy yourself with nature of a quiet countryside. This season in Tam Coc, despite sitting on the boat or walking, you will be felt as lost in the carpet color when viewing through green paddy fields interspersed yellow ripen rice. Being harvested paddy fields intermingled with awaiting harvest paddy fields create fresh and great natural color arrays.
Make your most of leisure feeling by sitting on board and feeling Trang An little by little
Make your most of leisure feeling by sitting on board and feeling Trang An little by little
Only traveling to Ninh Binh, you can see total sediment layers of culture, history existed harmoniously alongside the natural landscape. The historical upstream excursion is opened from Hoa Lu relic - the first capital of Vietnam feudal State and closed at Dinh – Le King temple which was built on the Hoa Lu ancient citadel foundations.

      Things to know when visiting Ninh Binh :
  • When entering temples and pagodas, you should wear polite and discreet clothes...
  • You should choose warm, light clothes because most of the tourist destinations in Ninh Binh have to operate quite a lot like Bai Dinh pagoda, Dance cave, Cuc Phuong ... It is better to wear sports shoes, soft shoes or sandals.
  • When sitting on a boat to visit some places such as Thung Nham bird garden, Trang An, Van Long ... you should follow the guidance of the boat driver to avoid unwanted cases.
  • You should bring light, necessary items, not too much money.
  • For those who are exempt or reduced the entrance fee such as students, the elderly, people with disability, should bring the relevant documents.

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