Perfume Pagoda – A fascinating holy-land you cant miss

Perfume Pagoda (or Huong Pagoda) has long been famous for being a complex of relics and pretty natural landscapes located in Huong Son commune, My Duc district, Hanoi. Serving as a sacred temple, Huong Pagoda is considered one of the most common religious destinations in Hanoi, especially in the first days of Vietnamese New Year. 

Perfume Pagoda overviewPerfume Pagoda (Huong Pagoda) and softly boat trip

Perfume Pagoda is also called with the full name of Huong Son Pagoda is a complex of attractions with many temples, pagodas, towers surrounded with pristine and majestic natural scenes.

The landscapes here are so pretty and romantic that make lots of tourists surprised and excited. Thus, no wonder why the pagoda has long been an ideal destination for Buddhist followers at New Year time, especially in the festival season.

If you want to discover all the beauty of Perfume Pagoda, you need to travel on boat for quite a long time. From Ben Duc, you slowly rowed on Yen Stream and then come back at Ben Tro.

Many people wonder why they don’t build the roads or bridges connecting different locations so that the travel becomes more easily and actively. However, in that way, the special and unique features of Perfume Pagoda shall be gone away as well. Without sitting on boats floating on the stream, tourists shall not be able to feel all the beauty that the Mother Nature has inherited to the place. 

Ben Duc (Duc Port) where you start the boat trip along Yen stream.Wonderful scenes on the boat route of Perfume Pagoda

Coming to the attraction, you shall have an unique mean of transport to travel is sitting on the little boats operated by the skillful drivers who will take you to discover the temples on the mountains and hills which are apart from each other by the winding sections of river and the gentle but romantic and attractive beauty of Yen Stream charmingly floating between the two slopes of mountain.

It shall be a new and exciting experience to sit on boat wandering on the river and immersing into the nature to feel the pristine beauty of the attraction. From the boat, you will get the chance to admire the mountains, the hills covered with the green of trees and enjoy the harmony paintings in which wind, sunshine, water and plants are all well blended.

In addition, travelling on Yen Stream, tourists shall also have opportunity to admire the beauty of bombax ceiba tree in its blooming season which dye the two river shores in red. The red bunches of rice flowers on the blue sky seems to be the fire warming up the space and dispel the cold air in the North at New Year time.

Thien Tru Temple - one of the temple in the feet of mountain.Perfume Pagoda Temple Tour

For the tour on Yen Stream, tourists shall be taken to visit the ancient temples and pagodas on the mountains and hills. One of the must see destinations shall be Trinh Temple, Huong Tich Cave, Thien Tru Pagoda and so on.

Trinh Temple is located right on the shore of Yen Stream which is around 500 m from Duc Port. This is a small temple constructed in very beautiful appearance with the purpose of reporting to the Forest Spirit when someone wants to enter the temple.

Travel more deeply inside, you will arrive at Huong Tich Cave which is considered one of the major destinations for tourists coming to Perfume Pagoda. At the height of 390m, Huong Tich Cave is considered the central landscape of Perfume Pagoda.

Climb over thousand stone stairs to enter Huong Tich 

Hard off road to conquer Perfume PagodaIn the past, it took you much efforts to climb to many steps of high slope, but now it is much easier with the appearance of the modern cable car system. You shall be admiring the romantic beauty of the below landscapes with mountains, forests, temples and plants while sitting on the cabinet on the way coming to Huong Tich Cave. It is expected to be a memorable experience for your tour coming to the Pagoda.

Moreover, tourists shall be surprised for the beauty of the limestone caves here. Inside the caves, there are a number of stalactites in various shapes and sizes. Some are beautiful in the single shape, some are in the shape whole block, and some are falling down from above and some sprouting out from the ground. They all look like the masterpiece of the nature that you shall never want to miss.

Joining in the tour, you shall be discover all the corners of Perfume Pagoda with its both ancient and modern architecture well blend with the romantic natural landscapes. You may be surprised for those gorgeous and perfect constructed built on the mountains and hills with such struggling travel routes.

Close your eyes and feel the fresh air, you shall find a strangely peaceful atmosphere here in the attraction. There shall be no more tiredness, burdens and bustle of daily life, but the pleasant and relax space in the fragrance of nature, of wind, of water and of the incense burned in the temples. That is considered the main reason that lots of Buddhist followers come to the attraction every year.

With the romantic and picturesque beauty, Huong pagoda shall be one of the ideal destinations in the Tet Holiday. Please don’t be hesitate to plan for a tour to the attraction this festival season. 

Some other beautiful imagines for Perfume Pagoda:

Yen Stream is more bright in the season of bombax ceiba.
Yen Stream is brighter in the season of bombax ceiba.
To hunt the blossoming of bombax flower, let's visit Huong Pagoda in March.

An other great time for boat trip on Yen Stream is in the autumn.
An other great time for boat trip on Yen Stream is in the autumn.
Perfume Pagoda is not crowded in this time, and water-lily blossoming is colorful.

Row the boat deeper to the narrow canals of Yen stream.
Row the boat deeper to the narrow canals of Yen stream, you will be lost into fairy land of melaleuca.

Thien Tru temple, one of the stop along the bank of Yen stream in Perfume Pagoda.
Thien Tru temple, one of the stop along the bank of Yen stream in Perfume Pagoda.

If you want to go to Huong Tich cave by cable car instead of climbing thousand stairs.
If you want to go to Huong Tich cave by cable car instead of climbing thousand stairs.

The only way to Huong Tich Cave meets traffic jam in the time of New Year.
The only way to Huong Tich Cave meets overload in the time of New Year.
If you have plan to visit Huong Pagoda in festival time, let be willing to join in the crow.

Vietnamese loves going to Huong Pagoda in each Lunar New Year to get luck.
Vietnamese loves going to Huong Pagoda in each Lunar New Year to get luck.
Besides praying and worshiping, they also try to catch the lucky water from the stone named "Mother Bottle".

Other information for trip to Perfume Pagoda:

  • Perfume Pagoda Festival: From Jan 6th to the end of March by Vietnamese Calendar.
  • Bombax ceiba blossom: March.
  • Water-lily season: From Sep to Nov (in the fall).
  • Public bus from Hanoi to Perfume Pagoda:
    • No 103, departure from My Dinh Station / Price: 9,000 VND.
    • No 75, from Yen Nghĩa Station / Price: 25,000 VND. (Yen Nghia Station is in Ha Dong District).
  • Price for boat trip on Yen stream: 130,000 VND per person. 
  • Cable car ticket: 160,000 VND for 2 ways and 100,000 VND for 1 way.
  • Best way to visit Perfume Pagoda in 1 day: click to the link:
  • Contact to our hotline (+84) 917 620 980 for more supportation.

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