Lan Ha Bay - Potential Tourism Destination of Halong City

Lan Ha Bay is located in the East of Cat Ba Island with the view to Van Gate, adjacent Ha Long Bay. Bay’s width is over 7,000 hectares, in which 5,400 hectares is belonged to management area of Cat Ba National Park. This is a quiet gulf with arc shape and includes about 400 large and small islands.
Different from Ha Long Bay, all large and small islands on Lan Ha Bay are covered fully by green trees or vegetation.
a private cave in Lan Ha Bay that you can explore by going kayak DIY
A private cave in Lan Ha Bay that you can explore by going kayak DIY
The density of limestone Mountains here are quite thick and still wild. They divide sea’s face into small bays, in which many bays or caves have been not explored yet. Hundreds of mountains with various appearance depending on tourists’ imagination such as Guoc islet (looks like high heels), Doi islet (looks like a bat). Lan Ha Bay also has lots of stalactite caves as: Ham Rong, Do Cung, Ca cave. There are 139 small, nice and pure sand beaches here. Many sand beaches which stretch between two rocky massifs, are quiet and no big waves, they are ideal bath sand beaches.
Bright and Dark Cave is one of the most interesting and wonderful area to go kayaking
Bright and Dark Cave is one of the most interesting and wonderful area to go kayaking
Under clear blue water are the colorful coral reefs as Van Boi beach, Van Ha beach…. The serene areas like Sen Island, Cu Island and Monkey island are the best places for tourists to quietly contemplate coral. Travelers can use small boats to wriggle through creeks for sightseeing in small bays and caves. Then you can take a rest on among sea beaches such as: Vem beach, Tung Gau cave, Cat Dua beach, etc. Cat Dua beach is also called Monkey island, because people raise a lot of monkeys here. Under sea face is a developed pearl farming establishment as well as an attractive destination for tourists.
Cat Dua Island in Lan Ha Bay is used to raise monkey
Cat Dua Island in Lan Ha Bay is used to raise monkey
Arriving Lan Ha Bay, you should not miss visiting Rua Giong Island. This island has 2 fronts’ face with long sandy beach and many decades years old of pineapples bushes. Rua Giong Island is surrounded by mountains creating a closed water pool. The water recedes in the early morning, you can also easily catch sea cucumbers - precious type of sea specialty in this area.
Romantic space of Lan Ha Bay is born from small and peaceful fishing villages here. Looming among many island groups are the aquaculture growing villages for regional specialties like green mussel, snout otter, cobia, crab, abalone, fish... Some of them supply fresh fish and shrimp according to daily culinary needs of tourists.
Viet Hai fishing Village in Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay
Viet Ha fishing village is one of similar destinations to explore the rural sea-life.
Bay ecotourism recently is focused on investment. Only taking 5 mins to travel from Beo wharf toward the North to reach Cat Dua Island with many tourism services are being exploited. This tourism form is attracting a lot of foreign tourists to arrive for resting. Coming to Lan Ha Bay, tourists should go through Cat Ba National Forest where precious species of white-headed langur are living and large podocarpus fleuryi forest is being raised.

Overcoming Ngu Lam peak at the end of journey is Viet Hai fishing village, the most pristine village of Cat Ba Island. Tourists can experience many interesting things which are featured for Tokin fishing village in here. With its potentials, Lan Ha Bay is developing forest-sea-island ecotourism form to serve domestic and international tourists. 

How to get to Lan Ha Bay

From the center of Cat Ba Island, you move to Beo Dock, buy tickets to visit the bay and hire a boat to go where you want. If you just want to go around the bay (near the shore and not far), you can rent a motorboat. With the group, you can actively rent a boat at the wharf, if you stay at the resort in the bay such as Cat Ba Sandy Beach, Monkey Island Resort you can ask these resorts to rent a boat to visit the bay.

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