Rang Dua Floating House's Preserved in Halong Bay

Long time ago, the image of floating houses, classes on water wave, life activities scene of gulf area... always attract particularly for travelers to visit Ha Long Bay. However, following the trend of tourism development, Ha Long is now under the pressures on environment, pollution and resource degradation.

Ha Long World Wonder and conservation project of fishing villages:

Long time ago, the image of floating houses, classes on water wave, life activities scene of gulf area... always attract particularly for travelers to visit Ha Long Bay. However, following the trend of tourism development, Ha Long is now under the pressures on environment, pollution and resource degradation.
According to statistics, by the end of 2012, Ha Long Bay has 650 floating raft houses and villages. From 2014, around 1200 people living in the floating village has moved to the mainland in Cai Xa Cong area which located about 10km away from Halong city. The existence of them has been an obstacle to many aspects of social life. The pressure of population growth in fishing villages is making difficult to control water pollution and protect biodiversity on the bay. Many floating raft houses do aquaculture, restaurant business, so the number of ships and visitors to this area have affectedon the inland and waterwaytransport system. This obstructs shipping lane running on sea makingwater pollutionespecially children in fishing villages will be difficultto access health, education… services.
 the floating village among the emerald ocean of Halong Bay
Implementing the provincial directing, Ha Long Party Committee built a scheme to relocate, handle raft houses, fishing villages on bay and arrange population stably. The city established Steering Committee and inter-sectoral working group to carry out the relocation of raft houses plan on bay; speed up the propaganda, disseminate policies, plans of provinceand city about implementingrelocation plan to owners of raft houses. 

With raft houses owned by people who have permanent residence in Ha Long, depending on the object and point of time, there will have different levels of support. In which, the highest level of support is granted free land and funds to build temporary houses in resettlement areas; be funded relocation, occupation and many other social benefits. 
Vung Vieng fishing village in Halong
The city builds regulations on applying policy support, migration and resettlement for the raft; simultaneously starts constructing investment projects about technical infrastructure of resettlement areas in Ha Phong Ward with more than 8 ha wide, total investment of over 160 billion for households on the bay to move on the mainland to live. The city is urgently implementing investment, building infrastructure. Also according to the relocation scheme of the city, any household wants to follow fishing occupation, will be facilitated; fishing village’s children who attend primary schools, secondary schools and high schools in the city will be exempted from tuition...

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The policy of the city is that there are two types of raft houses on the gulf. They are raft house of aquaculture within 6 places of aquaculture according to plan. And to create tourism products, contribute to the preservation of fishing village’s value on the bay for tourism. The city will restore fishing villages. However, those who do this work in the fishing village in daytime, must return to the mainland from evening.
Floating house in Halong Bay
Can confirm that relocation of raft houses is needed solution to improve the efficiency of conservation and promote all values of The World Natural Heritage - Ha Long Bay. It will bring a settled and sustainable life for fishing village people.

Rang Dua fishing area and preserved houses

Rang Dua fishing region is one of the small fishing villages located on Ha Long Bay area, has been included in the agenda by Gray Line Cruise for a long time. However, along with the fishing-village-relocation project, households in Rang Dua were relocated to the mainland. Currently, participating in the Gray Line Cruise journey to discover Ha Long Bay, you will be visited the only typical family retained for conservation by the government.
the unique floating house in Rang Dua area
Situated on a small water area, dark-green floating houses seem to be mixed with color of the sky of Ha Long Sea. Around four surfaces is limestone - bay’s specialty, Rang Dua area owns a different beauty from all other floating villages. Families here live together with 3 generations: grandparents, parents and children. The naive, limpid eyes of the baby in Rang Dua will make you feel excited.
cluster together and listen tour guide tell the history of Rang Dua
Sitting with us to hear tour guide who tells about the life of a floating house with 3 generations,
at the same time drink a hot tea and try honey alcohol.​

Let walk around a little house and discover the family life in Rang Dua. Today, families which live based on aquaculture in Ha Long, have had a better life. Although simple with small TVs were old, no smart phones, no internet, but the people here always happy among rare freshness of Ha Long Wonder.

Here, fisherman plant marine products in small square cages which are intercepted in the water, each cage is a different kind. This is also a chance for you to catch a glimpse of seafood only live under sea such as cobia (a relative of the shark), sea crabs, squid, etc. Behind the wood house is own trap that is used to catch fish, squid daily. Stop a bit, we will be listened tour guide direct how to do squid fishing at night.

On the way back from Rang Dua, please pay attention to islets on two sides, the most remarkable to mention is Eagle Islet - the symbol of this fishing area.
Surrounded by majestic nature, Ha Long fishing village brings ancient beauty and special charm. The village has a long tradition of culture imprinted by the sea dwellers. The life of the people here has not been disturbed by the hustle and bustle of modern life. In addition to fishing, fishermen have participated in tourist activities such as visiting Tien Ong cave, climbing, going to Fishing Lagoon ... The fact that the locals both fish and do tourism is a unique feature that attracts tourists.

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