Six Addresses for Morning Coffee in Ho Chi Minh City

Having a cup of coffee in the morning becomes a common thing to do with everybody in Ho Chi Minh city. It helps refresh people mind with the fragrance of hot coffee and gives strength to start a brand new day. The list of six coffee stores below is offered to give you some suggestions to choose which coffee style you want to taste.

If you are interested in having a coffee in the morning while enjoying the quiet and peaceful space of Saigon before its peak hours, you can pay a visit to Vot Cafe or Katinat. Other options such as Vy coffee, where the Canada Prime Minister paid a visit in 2017, is also famous for the street coffee with reasonable price.

We will look at the coffee culture in Ho Chi Minh for further understanding.

The Coffee culture in Ho Chi Minh city

In 19th century, the French first introduced coffee to Vietnam, but Vietnamese has taken it to a new level. Recently, Vietnam has reached the second place of the world’s most coffee exporting countries as the highland region has been turned to coffee farms. We can easily spot a coffee shop in every street in Ho Chi Minh city for the love of people here for coffee. They drink it in every occasion of the day, from meals to meetings, friend gathering, everything. The coffee stores are also selling different types of coffee drinks and others such as teas, juices and smoothies. However, the most common option is the ice milk coffee. This drink brings the combination of Vietnam’s notorious strong coffee and the sweetness of condensed milk, so that people who is not use to the bitter taste of coffee, still can drink it because the milk limits the bitter taste and upgrades the flavor to a new height. 

Although the area is limited, few international brands have made their moves to enter the local market such as Coffee Bean or Starbucks. The Vietnamese companies also have set their foot and have already had decent positions in national business such as Trung Nguyen coffee. However, the treasure among local people is hiding in corners, family coffee stores on streets. 

1. Ca Phe Vot Phan Dinh Phung

Located on a little lane on Phan Dinh Phung Street, Phu Nhuan district in Saigon, the coffee shop, owned by Mr. Dang Ngoc Con, is a familiar address for anyone who is into Vot Coffee in Saigon. The café has been opened from the French colonial time and remains attracting a large number of visitors now, from the early morning until late night. Sitting on this café, you will get a chance to watch the local daily life in a little and peaceful corner in the middle of a crowded city. The lane is always busy with people and vehicles coming and going, but it will be a memorable experience for your first time coming to Saigon. 

A cup of coffee here costs 15,000 VND. In addition to black coffee, milk coffee, there are also ginseng juice, aloe juice for you to enjoy. 

2. Cheo Leo café 

Nestled in a small lane on Nguyen Thien Thuat Street, Cheo Leo Café is now almost 80 years old. This shop used to serve as the gathering place of lots of students from Petrus Ky and Chu Van An schools. At present, this is a familiar destination for many tourists, especially foreigners. 

Coffee is filtered by a racquet which is not as dense as the one made by a coffee maker, but its fragrance will last for a longer time. The café opens from very early morning until late night. A cup of coffee here costs only 12,000 VND. 

3. Vy Coffee

Located right on the side of Le Thanh Tong Street in district 1, this coffee shop is not very large but make visitors feel familiar and pleasant. The inside space is just around 20 meters square with the bartender area occupying for almost the area. Beside the indoor space, tourists can sit on the chairs on the pavement to enjoy coffee every morning. 


The major product here is coffee which is served at 30,000 VND per cup and above. Besides coffee, there are ice lemon juice and coffee seeds for sales. 

4. Katinat

Katinat café is located at the intersection of Dong Khoi and Mac Thi Buoi streets. The café as quickly become a familiar address for the young in Saigon for its central location. Katinat is also attractive for a large number of foreign tourists coming to the city. The seats on balcony is favored by many visitors as from this place, you can receive the new sunshine and admire the quiet city in the early morning before it comes to the bustle hours. Coffee and other drinks are served at the cost from 30,000 VND.  

5. Shin Coffee

If you are not into the ancient beauty, this shall be an ideal destination for you. The café is attractive for the modern space with the entrance road in green with trees. Shin Café is located on Ho Huan Nghiep street and opens from 6:30 am every day. Each kind of drinks here costs from 70,000 VND. 

6. Oromia Coffee

Standing at 193A/D3 on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Oromia Coffee shop is famous among the young for its unique decoration and drinks. This store sells coffee with different recipes such as coffee with whipped cream. Having a cup of coffee in the morning with a small piece of cake will turn up your energy. Sitting inside the store and observing the street before the rush hours come is the highlight of the day. 

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