Sunburn in Tay Ninh and enjoy Trang Bang soup cake

Tay Ninh is commonly known as a dry land of only sun and wind, but it has many attractive destinations and delicious food that ready captivate any traveler

Tay Ninh is a Southeast province, located in the Southwest border of Vietnam, neighboring of Cambodia. This land has unique terrain which is stretched from low to high, not only featured as the plain but also characterized by a plateau. The climate is divided into two distinct wet and dry seasons. In the dry season, Tay Ninh is very hot as “baking people” with bright sunlight, but when the rainy season comes this area welcomes back for prolonged rains incessantly.
Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh 
Wonderful twilight in Tay Ninh, outside of distant is the majestic Ba Den mountain.

Although not being endowed by nature, Tay Ninh still attracts tourists thanks to famous sites and landmarks. In the mind of many people, Tay Ninh is the spiritual land, well known for its historical landmarks: Ba Den Mountain, Cao Dai Vatican, The Central Pursuant of South Vietnam, Dau Tieng Lake ... Tay Ninh is also the home of many delicious specialties like mist-dryingpancake, Trang Bangsoup cake, shrimp salt or insect specialties....

1. Ba Den Mountain

Ba Den is about 986 meters in high in comparison with sea level and the highest mountain in the South. This is a sacred destination and an attractive place which tourists always want to visit while in Tay Ninh. To go up to the mountain, visitors will travel by cable car system, from above, you will see the poetic panorama of great Ba Den Mountain and vast delta along the foothill. Up to the peak of mountain, visitors can discover comfortably and visit famous attractions such as Phat Temple (Buddha Temple), Thanh Long Cave, Huyen Mon Cave, Kim Quang Cave, Gio Cave (Wind Cave), To Tower...

2. Tay Ninh Holy-See

This is the mecca of the Cao Dai religion, Tay Ninh Vatican is far from the downtown over 5 kilometers to the East. The Vatican was built in 1936 on a large ground of more than 01square kilometer with around campus of vast rubber forest. The front face of Tay Ninh Vatican directs to the West with two high towers on both two sides, one side is a steeple and another side is a drum tower. Every year, Tay Ninh Vatican welcomes thousands of worshipers and tourists to visit its magnificence and splendor.
Caodaism Temple in Tay Ninh 
Caodaist Temple is not only a religious cathedral but also an attractive destination for tourists

3. The Central Pursuant of South Vietnam

The pursuant is far about 60kilometers from Tay Ninh city, belonged to the border district of Tan Bien (Tay Ninh Province). The Central Pursuant of South Vietnam plays as “capital of resistance war” "during the period of revolution against America Empire. Today, this place becomes an ideal destination and a red address for “back to the origin” tour.

4. Dau Tieng Lake

Dau Tieng Lake is far from Tay Ninh Town about 20 kilometers. This is the third largest artificial lake in Viet Nam only after Hoa Binh and Thac Ba hydro-power Lake. Coming here, visitors can take a boat to enjoy the wide sweeping view of Dau Tieng Lake and explore the exciting life of the fishermen in the lake area. Especially, after visiting joyfully, exploring the beautiful scenery at the lake, tourists can enjoy delicious natural food made from abundant seafood of this large lake.
Splendid Dau Tieng Lake in the sunset
Splendid Dau Tieng Lake in the sunset
In addition to the above sites, Tay Ninh also mesmerizes travelers with the scenic of Ma Thien Lanh Valley, Lo Go - Xa Mat National Park, Tua Hai historical relic, Binh Thanh ancient Tower, etc. Enjoying specialties

1. Trang Bang soup cake

This is a proud specialty of Tay Ninh people and a dish that almost tourists come here all want to enjoy. At first glance, the component is quite simple, only includes lean meats and trotters. However, the sophistication and attractiveness of this dish is contained inside those materials that only when you taste just could perceive. You'll still remember the fragrant and sweet taste of this rustic dish though trying it once.
A Tay Ninh noodle specific - Trang Bang soup cake 
Trang Bang cake soup is voted in the list of 50 specialties of Viet Nam.

2. Mist-drying pancake

The ingredients and processing of pancake is quite similar to soup cake in some other locals. However, due to the various processing after drying of residents that creates unique feature for this popular dish. To make soft pancakes, residents have to go through several picky stages such as the cake is baked two faces after drying. Then when dew falls down at night, the cake is brought out and dried into soft before the sun rises. From soft cakes, Tay Ninh people cook many delicious dishes like meat-rolling pancake, grilled fish- rolling pancake with fragrant forest vegetables, etc.

3. Shrimp Salt

This is a famous and somewhat paradoxical specialty of Tay Ninh where has no sea, be lack of both salt and shrimp but Tay Ninh owns the well known specialty of shrimp salt. However, there is a secret, a pride of Tay Ninh people. In the life of the Tay Ninh, shrimp salt becomes a familiar seasoning to fruits such as mango, guava ... it is also the main spice to make delicious “banh trang tron” (mix girdle cake) at school age. Shrimp Salt is also a commodity chosen by many tourists as a gift for relatives.

4. Insects specialty 

Besides the aforementioned dishes, this region is also known for delicious food made from insects like fried rice with crickets; mountain scorpions; forest bee larvae, snails on mountain ... that only the brave tourist dare once to try.

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