Vietnam Museum of Ethnology ranking 4th in most attractive museum in Asia

TripAdvisor – a prestigious tourism website have already voted for Vietnam Museum of Ethnology placing 4th in top 25 most attractive museums of Asia in 2014. This is one of the worth to come destination for International tourists.
Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in front, where to begin exploring about the minorities
Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in front, where to begin exploring about the minorities.

According to TripAdvisor, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology meets all strict standards of international quality. The assessment is performed on the basis of content as well as comments’ quantity of tourists who access this web site to rank a destination they visited. Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is assessed at 4.5 points and listed as one of the most attractive destinations to visitors in Hanoi. This result is given follow more than 1,500 evaluation sheets, including 51% of outstanding quality votes and 37% of excellent and very good quality votes.
Exhibition areas in the museum are arranged reasonably to help visitors easily feel
the cultural characteristics and traditions of each ethnic group in Vietnam.

TripAdvisor also show that many tourists who after arriving Vietnam Museum of Ethnology expressed their interest and appreciation, at the same time having made advises to other travelers should choose Vietnam Museum of Ethnology as an indispensable destination in Hanoi tourism cruise. 
Guest named Mohili L from Paris, France commented on TripAdvisor web about Vietnam Museum of Ethnology: "It is great to visit Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. I have never seen a museum where ethnic diversity is celebrated and displayed so proudly as such. This is the place you have to come in your tour in Hanoi".
Since early this year, around 200,000 people have visited here and most of them have good impression after ending museum tour. Bobbyjosing from New Zealand said: "Vietnam has 54 different ethnic groups and all peoples are entitled to preserve their cultural identity in this cultural diversity country. This is a great museum, where you have opportunity to learn about the way how to live of ethnic groups in various regions. I had a memorable visit".
Located in 3ha campus, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology exhibits about 10,000 artifacts, 15,000 photos and other material about peoples.
Exhibition room with novelty manner on theme "Tây Nguyên những năm 50 của thế kỷ XX" (Highland in the 50s of twentieth century).
Gallery is expected to last until March 2015 attracting many visitors, especially foreign tourists.

Inaugurated from November 1997, the museum is a repository, which exhibits artifacts and documents describing cultural traditions, daily life and activities of 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups. The museum is open from 8 a.m to 5.30 p.m daily from Monday to Sunday.

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