What You Need to Know Before Taking a Ninh Binh Trip

Recently, Ninh Binh tourism is a rising star not only in Vietnam but also the world with millions people coming here every year. Most of visitors, who have come here, cannot resist the poetic beauty and magnificent landscapes of Trang An complex, Tam Coc - Bich Dong. Each place shows its own special features that makes these places so attractive.

1.    Means of transportation to Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is about 90 kilometers away from Hanoi, which is not a long distance. Visitors who would like to travel to Ninh Binh will rarely encounter any difficulties as there are many ways to reach the spot, which include the North – South railway or the national route 1A, 12A. If you are from nearby provinces, it is ideal to travel by motorbikes or cars. Another option is that you can travel by bus, which will only take you about 2 hours to get to Ninh Binh from Hanoi. 
travelling by motobike to Ninh Binh
Choosing your best type of transportation for your trip

2.    When should you travel to Ninh Binh

There are quite few destinations like Ninh Binh that can be visited anytime in the year and each season offers its own unique beauty. Nonetheless, the best time to visit Ninh Binh is from January to March in Lunar calendar. The weather is very comfortable, the landscapes are lively and beautiful, highly suitable for people who likes to combine travelling with sightseeing and religious activities. 

Another time would be from April to June. To many youngsters, the term “Butterfly Season” is something very familiar in Ninh Binh with thousands of white butterflies flying under the sunlight. In order to witness this wonderful scene, visitors can come to Cuc Phuong National Park with a cheap price, only 60.000 VND/ person and discounted to 20.000 for pupils and students. 
butterfly season in cuc phuong national park
Butterfly season in Cuc Phuong national park

Right after the Butterfly season is the harvesting time where people will be able to see endless golden rice fields. This occurs until the end of June, ideal for individuals who like to take beautiful pictures. 

3.    Ninh Binh’s famous tourist destinations

a.    Thung Nham Bird Park
If you love nature landscapes and wild animals, the beauty of Thung Nham Bird Park is something you must not skip. It is not exaggerating when saying Thung Nham is a picturesque and magnificent painting of nature. This garden includes 40 different species of birds with more than 50,000 birds living inside the complex. Tourists will be able to join a calming boat trip while watching lines of birds flying around the park.
Thung Nham Bird Garden
Thung Nham Bird Garden, where many rare bird species are preserved

b.    Trang An
Surely only a handful of people had not heard about Trang An Landscape Complex as it is the most popular destination in Ninh Binh with two titles of natural and cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO. Between the magnificent lines of limestone mountains, the emerald green water of the river hide within creates a poetic and mysterious scenery. 
Trang An natural complex
Trang An natural complex - a UNESCO World Heritage Site

c.    Bai Dinh Temple
Famous for numerous records held in both Vietnam and whole Asia regarding architectural beauty, Bai Dinh Temple is a very large complex with a sacred and poetic scenery. This is the favorite destination to many faithful Buddhists for ceremonies or historical and cultural enthusiasts, along with ancient architecture. Many destinations you can visit would be Saint Nguyen temple, Gieng Ngoc, Sang cave.

d.    Tam Coc – Bich Dong
People who are into Hollywood movies would definitely know which is one of the three destinations of Ninh Binh that had appeared in the blockbuster Kong: Skull Island. Often called “Halong Bay on land”, Tam Coc – Bich Dong has the rarely seen wilderness. Under the bright and endless sky are numerous rice fields shine a bright golden color when the harvest season comes, along with caves formed from a river flows through the mountains, and ancient temples hide within the hundred years old trees.
Bich Dong in lotus blooming season
Bich Dong in lotus blooming season
e.    Hoa Lu Ancient Capital City
Hoa Lu is considered the first capital city of a feudal reign of Vietnam. Attached to it was the cause of three different dynasties Dinh, Tien Le and the early stages of Ly dynasty. Hoa Lu was a place that covered about 300 hectares, surrounded by many mountains and a complicated network of rivers, making it the perfect place both defensively and offensively during war time. The West of Hoa Lu is Truong Yen mountains, the South is protected by the enormous Ngu mountain, and Hoang Long river flows through the place. The landscape of Hoa Lu is very poetic and fascinating to say the least. Its architectural signatures still remain until present day, even though it has gone through 10 centuries of destruction by the time. Now, the Ancient Capital City of Hoa Lu only remains 2 constructions from the 17th century, which are Emperor Dinh’s Temple and Emperor Le’s Temple. 

f.    Cuc Phuong National Park
Cuc Phuong National Park is the largest national preservation compound in Vietnam with a lot of different species of animals and plants that are facing extinction currently. The place lies deep inside the Tam Diep mountains, carries the specifications of a tropical rainforest. Apart from the diversity of flora and fauna species, Cuc Phuong National Park also offers insight to the cultures of the Muong ethnic minorities, including nha san, terraced fields.

g.    Am Tien Cave
Am Tien Cave, known as Tuyet Tinh Coc by many people, lies within the Hoa Lu Ancient Capital City. Most of the place is covered by water and surrounded by mountain cliffs. This is where crocodiles were grown in order to punish the criminals. Am Tien Cave used to be hanging on the mountain, people must climb 205 stone steps in order to get to it but nowadays a tunnel has been built, which reaches directly into the cave. The cave has the shape of the mouth of a dragon so it is also called the Dragon Cave. 
Am Tien cave
 Am Tien cave is one of the main attractions of Ninh Binh

h.    Mua Cave
Mua Cave is located in Mua Mountain, part of Ninh Xuan commune, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh. The place was built based on the model of the Great Wall of China with 500 stone steps for visitors to climb up. This place is very popular to tourists, especially during the harvesting season, because from the top of the Mua mountain, people will be able to see the majestic view of mountains, rivers and golden rice fields. 
Mua Cave
Climbing up to the top of Mua Cave 

i.    Van Long Swamp
Van Long Swamp is the largest natural preservation area on water in the North of Vietnam. The swamp was not naturally formed, instead it was created by building a dam about 30 kilometers long to the left of Day river, serving the purpose of preventing floods. Van Long has become a flooded paradise with rock island and beautiful caves. 

4.    Ninh Binh culinary specialties

a.    Fried Rice
Very simple, yet so popular, fried rice probably the most well-known specialty of Ninh Binh Fried rice carries the flavor of the country with its ingredients 100% from rice and dried pork. It is very easy to buy in Ninh Binh, as there are countless stores selling the product.
fried rice ninh binh
Com Chay (Fried rice) is a common specialty of Ninh Binh
b.    Nhech fish salad
The dish which is made with great finesse, bringing diners the unforgettable taste of garlic, chili, pepper mixed with vinegar and ginger. The fishy smell of raw fish cannot be found in this dish, surely will be a pleasing experience for you. 
nhech raw fish salad
Enjoy Nhech fish salad with other ingredients

c.    Hoa Lu goat meat
This is an attractive traditional dish that is also used as a valuable medicine in order to improve one’s health. The goat was carefully processed to eliminate the smell, served with different kinds of herb, especially the ginger dip sauce. 
goat meat ninh binh
Goat meat can be turned into a lot of dishes


The ideal time to visit Ninh Binh
Tourists can travel to Ninh Binh in all seasons, but the best time to go is from January to March of the lunar calendar with the cool weather of the early spring days. Time for people to visit famous places such as visiting Bai Dinh Pagoda, Trang An and Stone Church .... In addition, in late May and early June, tourists can see the beauty of the ripe rice fields in Tam Coc or in Cuc Phuong Forest with thousands of butterflies perched on the road which very suitable for tourists who like to take photos.

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