Destinations around Hue City

There are not only famous by the long-standing pagodas and mausoluems, but also well-known by many beguiling destinations around the city such as Bach Ma Mountain, Hai Van Pass, Tam Giang Lagoon, etc.

1. Bach Ma Mountain

Bach Ma Mountain is about 60 km from the city of Hue. This mountain is famous for many spectacular streams and waterfalls. Do Quyen waterfall is one of them. It is about 400m high with the two shores full of white water-rail in summer which looks like two giant flower carpets.  In the center of the tourist resort, there is Thac Bac waterfall which is 10m high and 40m wide. Standing on the peak of Bach Ma mountain, you can see the whole splendid view of Hai Van Pass, Tuy Van Mountain, Cau Hai Lake and the shimmering night of Hue under electric lights. 
Do Quyen waterfalls with the marvelous imagine in the end of evening 
Do Quyen waterfalls with the marvelous imagine in the end of evening.

2. Lang Co, Thuan An and Canh Duong Beaches

The peaceful beaches in Hue are always in the top of the best beaches in the Central region of Vietnam, which attract a number of tourists. 
Lang Co beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Central Vietnam 
Lang Co beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Central Vietnam.

3. Lap An Lagoon 

Located about 70 km to the South from Hue, in Hai Van foothill, Lap An lagoon is inherited with a twisty road running around the lagoon, which looks like a smooth silk. There is an aquatic species there called oyster which is considered the specialty there and the pearl of god.  It is unknown when the people there started to use the waste rubber tires to catch oysters. Lap An lagoon is in its best at sunset which softens the hearts of many visitors. Most visitors want to take photos to record that memorable moment. 
Lap An Lagoon in the sunset 
The gorgeous Lap An Lagoon in the afternoon.

4. Cau Hai Lagoon

Not as famous as Chuon Lagoon or Lap An Lagoon, Cau Hai Lagoon is nestled on the 1A highway, running from Cau Hai to the foot of Phu Gia Pass. The lagoon is infinite like the sea. As receives water from some river in Thua Thien Hue, fresh water in the lagoon turn into brackish in dry season. 

5. Elephant Stream 

On the territory of Thua Luu, Tien Loc commute, Phu Loc district, which is about 60km to the south from Hue, you will see Elephant stream, a stream with many strong waterfalls under a primeval forest with a thick vegetation. It is called Elephant Stream as there is a stone in the shape of an elephant drinking water at the foot of the waterfall. In this area, there is a lake called Dam Voi (or Elephant Lagoon) which is a natural fresh water lake of 30 meter square wide and more than 2 meter deep, located between the two waterfalls. Water there is so clear that we can see through the bottom of the lake. 
Elephant stream is an ideal place for swimming 
The beauty of Elephant Stream 

6. Truoi Lake 

Moving from Hue toward Truoi bridge in Loc Hoa commute, Phu Loc district for about 10 km, you will meet with Truoi Lake and Truc Lam Bach Ma monastery. This land has long gone into poetry for its unique beauty. The infinite Truoi lake in blue is nestled in the foot of Bach Ma Mountain. Besides visiting the monastery, visitors can rent boats to go to see the lake or buy ticket to visit some streams flowing into Truoi lake which all bear the pristine beauty. 

Tam Giang Lagoon: is placed in a fishing village. It is supposed as one of the biggest and most amazing brackish swamp in Southeast Asia, Tam Giang is a ninspiration for photographers as well as a delightful traveling attraction. 
Tam Giang Lagoon

7. Hai Van Pass

The most breathtaking pass of Vietnam. It is long only 30km connecting Danang and Hue, but Hai Van is gougorous with the sceneries of mountain and sea. Almost of Vietnam classic tours will go through Hai Van to take passengers to Danang and Hue, and vice versa.
Hai Van Pass is the connecting bridge of Hue and Danang
Hai Van Pass with the breathtaking curving turns.

     Tips To Visit Hue :

  • You need to monitor the weather before coming to Hue to avoid the bad weather affecting the trip.
  • The climate in the Central region is harsh, so when coming to Hue in the dry season, you should prepare cream, sunscreen, hat, etc. In the winter, you should wear warm clothes to ensure your health.
  • Prepare personal items fully, necessary equipment if you want to camping outdoors.
  • The historical and spiritual sites in Hue are very popular, so you need to pay attention to your costumes
  • Don't forget to fully charge your phone so you don't miss beautiful moments

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