How to Go to Siem Reap and Transportation in the City

Siem Reap is the historical city in Cambodia preserving many iconic national attractions such as the Angkor Complex, Ta Prohm, Banteay Srei and museums. The area is not so large, so it is easy for you to get around. Depending on your budget, you can choose the most convient way and still save money. 

I. How to get there 

1. Airplane 

Siem Riep international airport is the second largest airport in Cambodia. This airport welcomes thousands visitors from direct flights from Vietnam, Thailand, China, Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos and South Korea. The airport is about 7 km t o the city center, and you can easily move to the city center by bus, tuk tuk, taxi or your own cars.  

2. Go to Siem Reap through road

Thr 6 highway passing Siem Riep is the main road connecting this city with Phnom Penh (320 km – 6 hours of driving), Battambang (190 km – 3.5 hours of driving) and other provinces. You can go by bus or your own tranport.  

3. Waterways 

You can move to Siem Riep from Phnom Penh by speed boat. The boat departs at 7 am and will be arriving to Siem Riep at about 12 am. However, travelling on Tonle Sap Lake, the speed of boat depends on the water level. Thus, boat cannot be use in the period from October to March next year. 
You can take a canoe or ferry to transfer to Siem Reap
You can take a canoe, speed-boat or ferry to transfer to Siem Reap
Besides, there are some large yachts with the rout Siem Riep – Saigon and vice versa in 8 days and 7 nights. This is really a wonderful experience to discover the life on Mekong River.

II. Siem Reap's Transportations

  • Walking: The city center is quite small and easy to travel. However, on the hot days, it is better to choose other transport means to visit rather than bicycle. 
  • Bicycle: You can hire a bike in some store in the city center to travel. Some hotels also provide this service (free or payable).
  • Tuk-tuk: Tuk tuk is a very popular transport in Siem Riep. You can use it to visit this city and the drivers can become your tour guide. 
  • Private car: Private car is the best and convevient choice to discover Siem Riep. It is easy to see Angkor or go to Tonle Sap Lake, visit some distanced temples like Banteay Srey, Kbal Spean, Roulos or Beng Mealea by this mean of transport. 
  • Balloon: Another option to enjoy the overview of Angkor from above is balloon, especially in the morning or evening. The higher you are, the more imposing will you see the Angkor. Don’t forget to take photos as memories. 
Don't forget to experience tuk tuk in Siem Reap
Tuk tuk is the most beloved vehicle by travelers (backpackers) in Siem Reap.

     Tuk-tuk tips for a safer trip

  • Signal when you want to catch a Tuk Tuk: if you are in need of a Tuk Tuk ride, signal to catch a Tuk tuk by spreading one arm, keeping your palms facing down, then shaking your fingers or wrists, there will be many cars scrambling to serve you.
  • Remember to bargain before boarding a Tuk Tuk: Tuk Tuk do not have a meter like a taxi, so before boarding you should negotiate a price with the driver, the distance of 1-3km costs about 1- 2USD, a tour to visit Angkor temple costs about 15 USD.
  • Beware of fraudulent Tuk Tuk drivers: Scammers will lure you to ride at a very cheap price but then take you to the gem shop or tailor shop, where they will cause you a lot of pressure force to buy something to receive a commission from the store owner.
  • Say the name of the place, not the road name for the driver
  • Stay away from the Tuk Tuk standing in front of the sights because the prices are often quite expensive
  • Please keep luggage and personal items carefully

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