Hanoi's Surrounding Destinations

If you travel to Hanoi, you don't want to go around to the familiar old town. Next to the famous attractions that you're normally heard of, there are many tourist destinations near Hanoi which are suitable for day trips that you can choose to "change the wind". Let's take a look! 

1. Bat Trang Ceramic Village

The village is about 20 km from the city center of Hanoi, so it is quite easy to move there by taxi, motorbikes, buses or even bicicles. For a long time, Bat Trang has been a renowned place producing high quality pottery products. Around the village, there are a lot of pottery workshops. There are a lot of ancient houses along the streets surrounding the village. Visiting Bat Trang, you can walk to the riverside to enjoy the peaceful landscape there. There is a special transport to help you discover this village which operates by the buffaloes. In the small workshops, you will have a chance to try on making your favourite pottery products or drawing on a cup, a souvernir to gift to your friends or relatives. The price for one product like that is from $1.    
A artisan is focusing on her pottery work
A artisan is focusing on her pottery work

2. Duong Lam Ancient Village 

Duong Lam ancient village is still keeping its own tangible and intangible values of the locals’ living style. Visitors here have chances to enjoy the traditional lunch at the yard of an ancient house; listen to a story told by the old people or visit the mossy walls. The most interesting thing to do is hiring a bike to ride around the village. Duong Lam is also the birth place of numerous great photos.  
The peaceful and rural scene in Duong Lam Village
The peaceful and rural scene in Duong Lam Village

3. The Traditional Handicraft Villages in Bac Ninh

It is about only 30 km from the center of Hanoi, Bac Ninh Province owns itself many famous long-standing handicraft villages such as: Dong Ho Painting Village, Dong Ky Wood Carving Village, Phu Lang Pottery Village, etc. Bac Ninh is also wel-known as the cradle of "Quan Họ" (A folk songs of the Red River Delta, and a Vietnamese intagble cultural heritage). 

A famous painting of Dong Ho Village, named "Mouse Wedding"

the staging of Quan Ho with a side is woman singers and the rest is man singers

The staging in Quan Ho (Duo of Love Song)
with a side is female singers and the rest is male singers



Things To Know Before Visiting Hanoi

  • When shopping, avoid watching goods in the early morning, avoid asking for much price without intending to buy.
  • Should consult the prices at different sources and definitely pay the price to avoid being expensive
  • Please have a map to determine the distance traveled, avoid being taken away by others (motorbike taxi, taxi) and then charged. Ask about the price before using any service. The best way is that you should ask the reception at your hotel for advice and help when you need information.
  • To enjoy all the natural beauty, magnificent architecture in big temples, you should not go to temples in the festive season.
  • Do not choose to travel to Sapa if you have not booked the necessary services in advance. Because the number of train carriages is limited, the number of hotel room suites is limited; You may have to buy a very expensive train ticket and there is no room for rest. On long holidays for everyone you shouldn't go. Since you will have to go to the market with alot of people, the interestingness of exploring the cultural characteristics of the highlands will be greatly reduced.

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