How to get to Hoian

Outstanding from the tourism journey in the Central part of Vietnam, Hoi An Ancient Town is a simple but poetic picture in the eyes of tourists. Despite day or night, Hoi An possesses the unique beauty in its design which is both ancient and peaceful. Thus, this is always the favorite destination for a large number of international visitors. 

How to get there

Normally, to get to Hoian, you need to arrive at Danang first and take a taxi to Hoian in around 30 minutes. At present, some airlines including Vietnam Airline, Jetstar, Vietjetair are opening routs to Danang from Saigon and Hanoi and some other countries. 
There are two ways to visit Hoian from Danang city: 
  • Go along 1A highway to the South for 27 km to Vinh Dien street and turn left for about 10 km. travel on Huynh Thuc Khang street to move into Hoian and visit Cham Museum, Bang Anh in Vinh Dien. 
  • The second way which is shorter and more deserted is passing Han River Bridge from city center of Danang, traveling on Danang provincial highway to visit Marable Mountain and arrive at Hoian. 
In Hoian, there is a variety of transport means serving to customers’ demands like bus, taxi, motorbike, cyclo. You can also hire a motorbike or a bicycle to visit around Hoian's Old Town. The most interesting thing to do can be walking or cycling around the city to enjoy its special beauty. 


  • Hoian is amazing in the early morning when the streets are deserted; the locals start their new day without electric light; trading is busy. 
  • It is also interesting to walking on the quiet small paths in the city at night. 
  • If you come to visit Hoian on 14th every month in lunar calendar, there will be the Ancient Town Night without motorbike and electric light but light from lanterns. There is a pedestrian street where people sing folk songs or their traditional music.
  • Every night on Bach Dang port, the cultural boat rowing around and play a kind of national music. 

Travel Conversation Questions : 

SteveJohanson :

Anybody who can recommend the best way to travel from HCMC to Hoi An? Train or bus/sleeping bus? How long does i take?

Elena O :

Flying is best. We were able to make reservations on Jetstar from here in the U.S. But Vietnam Air was another matter. We had to wait to get in-country before making those reservations. I loved Hoi An! Enjoy it.

Fareastour :

Hello !
Yes, of course by flight is faster than the train. It take roughly an hour flight.
Both Vietnam Airline and Jetstar Airline could do. Jetstar is a little cheaper.
The train is over night journey with departure at 7pm SE2, and 11pm SE4, arriving Danang at 1pm and 2h15 respectively.

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