What to see in Mekong Delta in Fruit Season

Due to a large number of interesting attractions, it is quite difficult for you to visit the Mekong Delta in just 1 or 2 days. Far East Tour would like to give you some guidlines to choose the suitable destinations based on your interests. 

Vinh Kim orchard (in Tien Giang)

Taking about Vinh Kim (a commune of Chau Thanh district, Tien Giang province), people think of Lo Ren star apples which are tention filled, fragrant and sweet. Besides, Vinh Kim is also well known for some other fruits like durian, rambutan or pomelo. 

Cai Mon orchard (Ben tre province)

Cai Mon orchard in Vinh Thanh commune, Cho Lach district, Ben tre province is the larggest orchard in the South of Vietnam which is recognized as the biggest producer of fruits in Vietnam.Cai Mon is surrounded by the two rivers of Co Chien and Ham Luong. As a result, it is luxuriant all year round with the mild weather. Some special and famous fruits in this orchard must be Cai Mon durian, Hai Hoa pomelo, etc., 

Cai Be orchard (Tien Giang province)

Tien Giang is renowned for the orchard of Cai Be which is about 70 km from Sai Gon. It is lying along the North shore of Tien River, Cai Be district. Cai Be is not only one of the biggest orchards in the Mekong Delta but also an interesting destination for visitors as it possesses some very famous fruits including mango, pomelo, longan, orange, guava, apple, tangerine, jackfruit, plum and so on. 

Vinh Long orchard 

Vinh Long has long been famous for the fruitful, luxuriant and sweet orchards. Visiting Vinh Long on the hambutan harvest (from May to July) would be an interesting experience. Some other special fruits in Vinh Long include Tam Binh orange, durian, tangerine or mango. 
Mekong Delta Homestay Tour to experience Vinh Long orchards

My Khanh orchard (Can Tho) 

From Can Tho, along the 1 highway to Soc Trang and turn right before arriving to Cai Rang bridge, you will be coming to the My Khanh tourist garden after around 6 km. With more than 20 different kinds of fruits plant along the roads including plum, mango, hambutan, jackfruit, straberry, durian, etc., which are always slush and fruitful, My Khanh is expected to bring you the feeling of entertainment. More specially, a lot of interesting traditional games are played here like pig race, dog race, monkey circus, crocodile catching and so on. 

Travel Conversation Questions :

Sieg T :
Cai Mon is a new destination off the beaten track in Ben Tre Province where we can see beautiful flowers grown by hard working and smiling Mekong farmers. Best time to travel there is before Tet holiday when the farmers make their flowers ready to service people in the city laugh

MichalD38 :

My family are preparing to visit Can Tho, too. I do some research and you can visit My Khanh Orchard or Bảo Gia Trang Viên ( Cai Rang district), Vam Xang or Le Loc. At night, you can go to Tay Do night market to engjoy some local food. You have to consider to visit floating market which is special traditionnal of Western Vietnam. Cai Rang is the biggest and most famous. Hope it helps. smiley

CarolinedH :

If you prefer to go Orchard garden, you should go to Cai Be town because Cai Be is the central of fruits and you can try some fresh ready fruits on the trees wink

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