Note For Vietnam Cambodia Laos Combination Tours

Vietnam is one of the largest and richest countries in terms of natural and historical heritage in Indochina, and this is also the unique country which has traditionally been the destination for many special trips.

Among those travel tour, the one combined a number of destination of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia can be an interesting option for tourists wishing to discover the beauty of Southeast Asia countries. The tour allows you chances to admire more sites and experience more customs and traditions of three different countries. This combined tour requires some special knowledge for the traveler whose first stay in Indochina.

How Long Will It Take for a Combined Tour?

The length of your tour mainly depends on your purpose of travel. It is necessary to consider the transport means while travelling whether air or land, as it shall effects the length of your trip. 

To make a combined tour from the whole of Vietnam to Cambodia, at least 16 to 17 days are necessary to enjoy the things that worth visit and enjoy including the complete panorama of Vietnam and the region of Siem Riep, the famous temples of Angkor with their own specialties.

For a combined tour between the South of Vietnam and Cambodia, this duration may be only about 10 to 12 days which allow the discovery of Saigon, the Mekong Delta and the temples of Angkor.
Halong Bay (Vietnam) is wonderful with more than 1000 islands
Halong Bay (Vietnam) is wonderful with more than 1000 islands on the sea.

At the same time, a combined Laos and Cambodia tour may take an average of 15 days with domestic flights to save time on trips. For a Vietnam and Laos combined tour, a suitable duration of 18 days is required on the spot.

Finally, for a combined tour from Vietnam to Laos and Cambodia, at least 3 weeks are said to be sufficient so that you are not so hurry in your trip. 
In fact, there can be good and worse times to visit these three Indochinese countries, but there are no impossible periods. The best times are spring (March, April and May) and late fall-early winter (October, November, December).

In any situation, it is necessary to have a suitable plan and schedule in order to have a memorable trip which saves time and expenditure at the same time.

How to Obtain Visas for a Vietnam Laos and Cambodia Combined Tour?

The three countries of the former Indochina require visas for foreign travellers.

For Vietnam, Visa must be requested preferably in advance, either at the Vietnamese embassy based in their countries, or by charging a local agency with the request for a visa upon arrival which is quite cheap and safe to achieve. Read detail information for Visa conditions for each countries here: Checklists before you go to Vietnam

For Laos and Cambodia, visas are issued at the borders without advanced preparation when you complete the form. Identity photos must be provided for all border crossing activities as well as cash to settle customs fees. In addition, travelers' passports must be valid for more than 6 months after the date of return.

How to Organize a Combined Tour in Indochina?

Distances and travel times are of course the important factors in organizing of a combined tour. But it is also necessary to define the route in advance that makes it possible to rationalize the trips in order to save time and money. Travelers can choose among many different transport means including land or river facilities rather than frequent flying which is so costly. Nevertheless, you have to bear in mind the cost of renting a car with a driver, as well as fatigue on often difficult roads.
Siem Reap is very worthy city to come and explore the mysteries of ancient Khmer Empire.
Siem Reap is very worthy city to come and explore the mysteries of ancient Khmer Empire.

Between Cambodia and Vietnam, the Mekong River can allow the travelers to use fast boat service between Chau Doc and Phnom Penh without taking a flight. 

In general, plane is said to be the safest and fastest way to travel between the 3 countries of ancient Indochina. Travellers shall have a variety of choice for aviation including Vietnam Airlines or Laos Airlines which can easily connect Hanoi, Luang Prabang, Vientiane, Pakse, Siem riep, Da Nang, Phnom Penh and Saigon. Some destinations should be checked in advance that whether flights are scheduled. 

How to Choose a Local Agency for a Combined Tour in Indochina?

It must be noted that preparing a combined tour presents a large amount of parameter in need of managing related to transport, accommodation, border formalities, etc. To have a successful tour, it is necessary to refer from different sources of information to get the best way of approaching local service providers. Some local agencies can help travelers schedule their tours with their knowledge and professional working spirit.
Let's saunter into the night market in Luang Prabang.
Let's saunter into the night market in Luang Prabang.

It is recommended that you choose the prestigious organizations in this country which are always willing to welcome travelers and provide the best services facilitating from the very beginning of the itinerary. It is important to check your document and information before going to an agency. In addition to the offices in Hanoi or Saigon, they have a real network of local representatives in Cambodia and Laos which can serve as the great helps for tourists during their journey, ensuring that it is running smoothly all the time.

The presence of local representatives in Laos and Cambodia will also guarantee the experience of the agency in the combined tour organizing and represents a certain expertise.

Travel Conversation Questions

Louise K :
We travelled to Vietnam,Laos and Cambodia in July 2018 as a family of four.We booked our itinerary through Fareastour. Our travel consultant Trinh did an amazing job! She was ready to change our itinerary and accommodation to suit our needs and budget.She even organised special meals as requested.The trip went seemlessly with English speaking friendly tour guides and fantastic drivers.We would not hesitate to book with them again.

Fareastour :

Dear Louise K

Greetings from Fareastour! Thank you very much for sharing your happy tour in Vietnam with us and all these nice words about our service! Trinh is very proud to know that you are satisfied with her work.

Thanks for your recommendation again and we look forward to working out more memorable tours for you and your family!

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