Sapa: What to Do and Where to Go?

It is quite easy to hire a motorbike in Sapa to visit some destinations at the price of around $6/day excluding fee for gasoline.
Note: a day in Sapa is from 6.00 to 18.00, so the motorbike must be back at 6pm or 8pm is the latest time. 

Visitors prefer wandering on the roads in Sapa 

Some visitors prefer wandering on the roads in Sapa 
The second choice is to negotiate with a motorbike driver to take you to some renowned place. The common fee is around $5 for 4 or 5 close attractions. 
Another way to visit can be hiring a car or joining the tours organized by some service providers in Sapa. you can ask the hotel staff or local people for more information about this service. 

Attractions in Sapa

It is really interesting to travel to the mountainous area of Sapa to get some totally different experiences after your trips to beaches. Some destinations nearby Sapa town which can be reached by walking or driving motorbikes are Ham Rong Mountain, Sapa fair (on every Saturday and Sunday night), Cat Cat resort, etc.
Ham Rong Mountain, Sapa, Vietnam 
Various pretty flowers in Ham Rong Mountain 
Some other attractions that take longer time and efforts include Hoang Lien National Park, Bac Waterfall, Heaven Gate ( Cổng Trời), Ma Tra village of the H’ Mông, Ta Phin village of the Dao Do, O Quy Ho Hill, Lung Khan Nhin market (on every Thursday morning), Hoang A Tuong, Cao Son Market, Muong Hum market and so on. 

What to Do in Sapa

Sapa travel is expected to bring you a lot of fresh experiences. The journey to Sapa is waiting for you with a number of amazing and challenging activities like Fansipan conquering, visiting Bac Ha market, passing the border gate to China, visiting villages of ethnic groups, trekking for Sapa discovery, bathing with the special leaves of the Dao Do group ($3 to $8), walking through Sapa at night and so on. 
Sapa Town with various shops and restaurants
Sapa Town with various shops and restaurants to serve visitors

Foods and Drinks 

Breakfast: there is a chicken noodle shop opposite to the town’s bus stop (on the right of the church). In Sapa market, there is a famous noodle shop in a stilt house.
Lunch and dinner: some destinations which are said to serve tasty foods at the appropriate prices include Anh Dung restaurant (69 Xuan Vien Street-next to bus stop), Suoi Bac restaurant (Tue Tinh ward) or Hoa Dao restaurant (033 Xuan Vien).
Tasty grilled dishes in Sapa Town 
There are a number of tasty grilled dishes in Sapa Town
Besides, Sapa food court is in the center square, in front of Sapa Church. Remember to ask for the price before eating. This food court is especially crowded at night with many strange grilled dishes served like baked eggs, grilled entrails, grilled chicken, chestnuts, etc., 
Some other special foods that should not be missed are bamboo tube rice, thang co, apple wine, Ban Pho maize wine, Vegetable hot pot, baked stream fish, salmon, boiled corn and so on. 


  • If you are going to drive motorbike on your own to visit Sapa, remember to bring a map which is sold at some travel agencies or ticket office. There are a lot of slopes in Sapa, so only visit in this way if you are a skilled driver. 
  • If it is difficult for you to buy the train ticket, you can book it at a hotel (fee is $1/ticket). You can ask the receptionist of a hotel for more information about any tours to visit Sapa. you can ask if the room rate can be cut down when you buy a tour including overnight in a village. 
  • Rather than wearing high heels and skinny trousers, you should wear sport shoes and soft trousers to visit Sapa 
  • If it is not winter, it is not necessary to bring warm clothes as the temperature is not so low and you will have to walk a lot. Remember to wear warm enough at night. 
  • Even if you want to have a bushwalk, it is recommendable to hire a tour guide as he is experienced and can show you some very interesting roads. 
  • When being exhausted of walking to visit, you should hire a car to come back.
  • The road from Lao Cai to Sapa has a high slope, so it is necessary to use cotton to plug in your ears to avoid ringing in your ears.

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It is quite easy to hire a motorbike in Sapa to visit some destinations at the price of around $6/day...
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