Vietnam Travel After the COVID-19 Pandemic: Book Now or Wait?

"How long have you been staying home?" - This is probably the most asked question during this period. The Covid-19 pandemic caused by coronavirus really has shocked humanity since the end of 2019. The impact of Covid-19 brought the tourism industry to a halt not only in Vietnam but also the world. The spread of this disease has forced countries to close, to implement social distance for a long time; public and tourist places must close and international flights are temporary banned.

We are all fighting against the virus, and although it is a difficult time, there is no doubt that the world will overcome it. Like all the other epidemics in the past, this one will end and the best way to fight is to keep hoping, to look on the bright side of the future. One of the most frequently asked questions today is "what is your plan after the end of the pandemic?". Probably, many of us would say: "I want to travel!". If that’s what you want to do right after the epidemic ends, don't miss this article. 
The first thing to do is checking the latest updates about the situation of COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam

I. Latest Updated Information

1.General News 

There are 327 positive cases in Vietnam (updated on 28th May 2020), 0 death and 278 cured patients. On May 8, religious activities in Vietnam was allowed to be re-opened with preventive measures for big crowds. On April 27, non-essential businesses are legally re-operated with preventive measures, except for clubs, dance halls, and KTVs. The Ministry of Transport loosened social distancing guidelines on public transport, including planes, buses, taxis, and ships. 

By July 1, the government will issue E-visa for citizens from 80 countries and re-open international transport modes, including air, water (shipping), and land (road).

2.Tourism News

Foreigners who have entered Vietnam on visa-free policies, tourist visas, and e-visas before March 1 will have their temporary residence permits extended until June 30.

Domestic flights are re-opened. However, travelers must wear a face mask during the trip, keep a required distance of two meters, monitor body temperature, and use hand sanitizer at the reception.

Since March 22, Vietnam has suspended entry for all foreign citizens, except for those traveling with official and diplomatic purposes. They must take medical checks and 14-day quarantine as soon as arriving in Vietnam.

3. Tourism Strategies Post-Pandemic

Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism has proposed that the government consider visa exemption and fee-reduction on the visa for foreigners.

When the pandemic has globally ended, Vietnam tourism will increasingly promote and develop new tourism products. The whole industry will widely implement stimulus packages for tourism markets, both domestically and internationally.

Vietnam National Administration of Tourism cooperated with Tourism Advisory Board to release a program called Stay at home with Vietnam in order to keep the connection and inspire foreign tourists during the COVID-19 pandemic.

4. Visa Policies for Travelers to Vietnam

To curb the spread of COVID-19, Vietnam does not allow the entry or issuance of visas to foreign nationals, from March 22 until further notice, except for those traveling for official or diplomatic purposes, who must undergo medical checks and quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in Vietnam.
Vietnam visa

Vietnam has officially suspended all visa exemptions for citizens of South Korea, Belarus, Russia, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Travelers who entered the country with a visa waiver or a tourist visa benefit from an automatic extension of the visa until June 30, 2020. Those who entered Vietnam on business, to visit relatives or Non-travel purposes should contact a visa officer to resolve their visa issues.

5. Methods to Reduce the Infection of COVID-19 by The World Health Organization

Avoid traveling and interacting with people when you have symptoms of COVID-19, including fever, cough, and difficult breathing. Contact the health care services if you have one of these symptoms:
  • Keep a distance of at least one meter to other people, especially those sneezing, coughing, or having a fever.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap, hand wash, or alcohol hand sanitizer.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or elbow when sneezing or coughing. Put the dirty cloth and wash your hands right after.
  • Avoid touching alive animals or raw animal products. If you touched them, wash your hands with soap and water right after.
  • Only consume well-cooked food in a sanitary environment.
  • Dispose of single-use masks. Please make sure you wear face masks correctly, avoid touching the mask, and wash your hands after discarding it.
coronavirus prevention tips

II. What can I plan for traveling?

The good news is that Vietnam will re-open international gates and issue E-visa for foreigners by July; thus, now you can totally plan a great summer vacation. The beautiful beaches and green mountains are waiting for you to explore! It is worth awarding yourself an amazing journey to Vietnam after the challenging period.

1.Why Should I Pick Vietnam?

After a trip to Vietnam, a stranger shared: "A country with magical beaches, lush green forests, majestic mountain views, fresh tropical fruits and beautiful local people and history - interesting culture, Vietnam should definitely be on the list of must-see destinations in your life.". Vietnam is still famous for many different reasons. Each visitor will also have different reasons to come to this beautiful and mysterious country.
Vietnam Beauty

According to the World Tourism Organization, Vietnam is ranked 3rd among the top 10 countries with the fastest international tourism growth. According to the evaluation of the American Tourism Association, Vietnam is also ranked among the 10 most attractive destinations in the world in 2019. So far, it is a country highly appreciated by the international community about the ability to control disease. In particular, the policies regarding foreigners in Vietnam and Vietnamese returning from epidemic areas recently have made a strong impression, making Vietnam an attractive, friendly and safe destination to collect international visitors.

If you're still wondering where you should go first, why don't you try by check out Vietnam most popular destionations or your travel styles.

2. Should You Book a Tour to Vietnam via a Travel Agency?

Yes, it would be the best if you chose reliable local operators, as they have stable finance. Many businesses have bankrupted because of the pandemic; only enterprises with stable funding can survive. So, well-known and trusted brands won’t cheat you. Additionally, they are the ones who keep track of local news and policies so that they can advise you on the most appropriate time, trip, and budget. Let’s see the following detailed reasons why you should do with a travel company.

They offer you the best deals

It is their job to find the most budget trips to you. The more years they have been in the business, the more business relationships they will have; therefore, they can bring good news to your wallet. Also, you don’t have to waste time and be stressed over the planning process.

They offer you a fascinating trip

They have experienced in traveling and arranging packaged tours, so they know the most exciting destinations and activities which are suitable for your hobbies. Obviously, they are reliable than what you see on the Internet, and they do know more than you do.

They will make sure your trip is on track

Every travel agency wants to collect loyal customers, so they always take well care of you, from tiny things, and make sure the trip following the organized schedule. If you encounter any troubles, such as flight-delay, sudden natural disasters, and lost luggage, they will be the ones to help you solve the problems.

They don’t add extra costs during the tour

They list inclusive and exclusive items on the contract so that you know what you need to pay for the trip and additional costs during the journey. Thus, you won’t be out of the budget.   

3. Why should you choose Far East Tour?

Apart from looking for the cheapest price, I suggest you also need to look for the best value for money. There will be lots of great value travel packages. Founded since 2008, Far East Tour is an expert in tailor-made trips for small groups in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Burma.

We have had the honor of welcoming more than 40,000 customers. We take the time to listen to you, to analyze your wishes and your aspirations to create your own route to full fill your expectations.

With the headquarters in Hanoi and another office in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) as well as its representatives in Laos and Cambodia, Far East Tour can easily organize programs, receive and take care of clients before, during and after the trip in Indochina. As a local travel agency that brings tourism experts passionate about Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia together, we are happy to provide customers with impeccable service and renowned travel comfort.
Far East Tour team

Thanks to the great advantages of being a local travel agency without intermediaries and years of existence on this market, you benefit from the assurance of obtaining the best price for your project.

We are constantly finding and make the best solutions according to your budget. No hidden costs, all our sales conditions are announced transparently for a trip with peace of mind.

Our travel experts constantly travel through Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Burma in search of the most original excursions. Since each traveler is unique, and each project is a personal dream, our teams are working to find new sites off the beaten track, atypical accommodation and unusual routes.

Providing human contact, sharing a meal and an evening with the locals for unforgettable moments that will enchant your holidays, this is the meaning of our commitment to make your stay with Far East Tour more than tourism, a true experience in immersion.

III. What are people’s most common concerns?

1. Safety First!

Top 1 concern after the COVID-19 pandemic happened: Safety comes first. The fear of infection will follow, so the information about medical care as well as the ability of treating diseases of a country may decide its visitor’s choices and become one of the main factors to gain their trust. 

Vietnam has the advantage since there are only 327 confirmed cases (updated in 28th May 28, 2020) with zero death. The government is doing pretty well of controlling the spreading. This can be the best example to show our effort to protect not only the citizens but also our future visitors. Because of this reason, now, the domestic tourism market starts to reopen and international flights will be connected soon.

2. Financial Problem

The pandemic gives such a terrible effect on the economy leading to millions of people losing their jobs or being cut down their income. According to IMF (International Monetary Fund), in 2020, the global economic growth rate is forecasted to be -3% and 195 million full-time jobs will disappear in the second quarter of 2020, according to the ILO (International Labour Organization). 
financial problem

This outlook will make global residents more likely to tighten their pockets and spend less. This will affect the tourism industry and the ability to prioritize people's spending on traveling. Moreover, visitors will tend to choose destinations that provides tour packages with reasonable prices or discount. It is also help saving your budget and you’re still able to travel. So, if you are thinking of taking a tour to Vietnam, book as soon as possible to get the best price. Far East Tour offer you plenty choices in different styles including classic packages, adventure tours, especially, our top favorite option is designed tour which will base on your requirements to personize and create your own private trip.

Read more: Top 17 Checklists Before You Go to Vietnam

3. Should I Book Now or Wait until the Pandemic Ends?

Of course, after the tragic ends, you are freely to decide whenever and wherever you want to go, but it means that the market is back to normal, hardly find a good deal. Meanwhile, Vietnamese government is supporting strategies to encourage the tourism recovery, so hundreds of tour packages, combo hotel and airplane ticket vouchers, early-bird discounts are offering to customers. As the result, if you book now, there are higher chances of getting best prices and still able to experience best quality. 

To protect our customer’s benefits, Far East Tour is ready to help you organizing your own tour or booking services (hotels and flight tickets). What if the pandemic hasn’t ended and I won’t be allowed to enter Vietnam on my departure day? Don’t worry! We guarantee that you will get 100% of your money back or you can change the date without being charged any fee. We charge 100% of the deposit within 18-24 months (excluding cancellation fees). 

With our online service, you are free to book the tours offered on the site or ask us for a tailor-made quote. This quote is completely free and will be sent to you as soon as possible.

In addition, as the Covid - 19 pandemic affects everyone directly, we have great deals for travelers: When you book your trip early, you'll get 15% - 30% discount hotel services (For some accommodation places, if you book early, you will benefit from as many incentives as 60 days in advance, 25% discount, before 45 days - 20% discount…); You can also get a voucher for a massage or a cocktail when you stay in your accommodation, for example; go free to certain places; Reasonable and extremely attractive domestic plane ticket; Discount on tourist tickets in certain destinations.

Are you excited now? What are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and call us now!

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