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Hoian is a paradise of travel. It is suitable for both of couples and family, both of leisure travel and adventure tour, both of Western visitors and Eastern passengers. The Old Town itself wins your heart by the featured beauty of the 15th to 19th centuries with the ancient houses and slow life style. Staying in Hoian, you always feel its peacefulness and hospitality.
  • Japanese Covered Bridge is a must-visit destination. Despite its small size, the pagoda contains a number of ups and downs under the mysterious tiled roof. The Bridge, used to be called Japan Bridge, was constructed in the end of 16th century. In 1719, when Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Lord was passing this place, he gave it the name of Lai Vien Kieu. In the middle of the bridge, there is a small temple worshipping Huyen Thien Dai De. The bridge is said to connect the two busy trading areas in the past. 
Chua Thay Temple (Japanese Covered Bridge) in Hoian
One of the most important attractions in Hoian is Japanese Covered Bridge (Chua Thay Temple) 
  • Tan Ky ancient house: this is a typical house in the shape of a tube with the yard surrounded by some wooden walls which are lively carved. 
  • 101 Nguyen Thai Hoc Ancient House: the living room of this house is a work of delicate carvings. In the roof of the house, there is two crossed scabbards which look very strange and special. 
  • Quan Dong Assembly Hall in Tran Phu Street, worship place of Quan Cong.
  • Chinese Assembly Hall worshipping Thien Hau
  • Phuc Kien Assembly Hall, built in 1857, worshipping Thien Hau as well
The beguiling scene in Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall
The beguiling scene in Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall
  • Hai Nam Assembly Hall: this is the place worshipping 108 Chinese died unfairly under Tu Duc dynasty. 
  • Trieu Chau Assembly Hall or Ong Bon Temple in Nguyen Duy Hieu Street. This is a small hall built in a sophisticated way in1846 with the materials from China. 
  • Hoian Ceramics Exhibition House in Tran Phu Street. This is a pretty ancient house repaired with the contribution of Chieu Hoa University, Japan.
  • Hoian cultural and historical Museum in the campus of Chua Ong worshipping Quan Cong and Chua Ba, worshipping Quan Am. The museum was constructed in 17th century and has undergone many times of restoration. 
  • An Bang Beach which is located about 5km from the Ancient Town of Hoian to the East. This is an ideal beach with white fine sand, blue water, gentle waves and sunshine all the daytime. 
  • Kim Bong Carpentry Village: this is the producer of all the carpentry essences in Hoian, where brings to the ancient streets there the unique structures. 
  • Thanh Ha Pottery Village: an old age handicraft village where the pottery lovers used to come in the 15h century.
  • Tra Que Vegetable Village: is one of the minority place in Vietnam still plants and grows vegetable by organic method.
You can experience the daily activity of farmers in Tra Que vegetable village
You can experience the daily activity of farmers in Tra Que vegetable village
If you are the type of person who loves the peace and romance of daily Hoi An, travelers should avoid traveling to the old town in the peak seasons such as New Year's Day, major holidays of the year, ... Moreover, when traveling into the old town, visitors should ride bicycles or choose to walk to enjoy the most peaceful scenery here. Some foreign visitors can also choose to add their own experience of watching Hoi An by renting cyclo around the campus.

Travel Conversation Questions : 

Cheryll H :
This old ancient bridge is part of the heritage places that requires entrance ticket, but when I go in the 8pm evening, the ticket collection is closed by then. Inside is very small but had introductions of history of the bridge, spent some time to look at the tablet on the wall, it tells of the person that contributed to building it. Should try take pictures day and also night wink

Widlydidly :
I went to Thanh ha pottery with my friend from England, i have nothing to say about this place to introduce for my friend but i was lucky. Ms lynna was nice to clear about product information and she was very nice staff there. the place very peaceful on top floor and take 2-3hours is enough here smiley

Vittorioc69 :

The Old House Tan Ky in Hoi An has left us with full of impressions... Since generations, generations and still more generations this venerable property, constructed in Fengshui architectural style, has survived, without any harm for the wooden construction, the many frequent floods of the area, so that the actual owners proudly can display their ancestor’s philosophy and culture of dignity, peace and respect...smiley Together with the Japanese Bridge, one of the many “Must See” points of the rich history of Hoi An...

Micaela684 :

Although all the temples are similar, each one has its particular beauty and it is worth spending a while if someone explains you the visit. A great attraction, with a history of more than 300 years where you can see the importance of the heritage of Chinese nation. This in particular is not so spectacular but it is not overcrowded, so you can really enjoy it laugh

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