Traveling to Vietnam During the COVID-19 Pandemic: What You Need to Know

The disease of acute respiratory infection caused by a new strain of corona virus (COVID-19) has exploded strongly around the world, particularly in central Wuhan (China) and has now spread to 78 countries around the world. Vietnam is currently a country with good disease control, no deaths and all patients have recovered.

Covid-19 has affected the global economy, including tourism with a large number of canceled tours. To help people streamline their travel plans, the World Health Organization, WHO has provided responses on covid-19 and protective measures. We also have some tips for travelers to prepare their trip to Vietnam.

Question 1: Should we cancel our trip?

No, because during this epidemic, the WHO stressed that we should not impose any restrictions on commercial travel, including in all regions of China. The risk of infection in other countries is low. The center of this outbreak is in the Chinese province of Hubei. Some countries have isolated people after they returned from the affected regions. This is based solely on the risk assessment of these countries only.

Travelers should not cancel their plans, but they should consider the travel restrictions that airlines apply. 

Question 2: Is the environment in the cabins also dangerous?

Absolutely not. We know that the virus is spread by droplets, that is, close contact with infected people who spread the virus. Viruses can also exist on surfaces, but only for a short time.

The best thing to do in the cabin is to practice good hand hygiene, wash your hands properly with soap and water, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and follow recommended precautions when coughing or sneezing, keep away from people who cough or have other suspicious symptoms.

Question 3: If you are on a plane with someone who has the Covid-19 virus, what should you do?

As a passenger, if someone on your plane is suspected of being infected with a coronavirus, the crew is aware of this virus and the necessary procedures, they will ask all passengers, who sit in 2 rows behind or in front of the suspected person's position, to fill out a personal location form. This is the form where you provide your contact details in case the authorities need to contact you if the suspected airplane case is positive.
COVID-19 testing

They will then contact you if necessary. You will be taken preventive measures and followed up to 14 days for symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath, fatigue ...

Vietnam Has Good Control of Covid-19 - We Are Looking Forward to Your Safe Trip to Vietnam

The Ministry of Information and Communications will publish a communication plan for safe tourism in Vietnam, including a set of criteria for safe tourism in Vietnam. Stakeholders, such as tourists, guides, tourism businesses, transport services, accommodation facilities must take responsibility for implementation.

Tourists must honestly declare their state of health and need to be warned of symptoms of Covid-19 infection promptly by following the instructions of the travel company and tour guides during the visit.

Guides must understand clearly the hygiene, epidemic prevention and practice the requirements strictly as the safety steps directed by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization; do not offer for sale and encourage visitors to buy, use products from wild animals, at high risk of infection ...

Business travel service providers do not organize to welcome customers from the affected areas, or organize visits for tourists traveling to the affected areas ...

Tourist transport service providers are also required to regularly clean and disinfect tourist transport facilities in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health; provide masks to tourists when necessary, have disinfectant liquid for washing hands on vehicles; Adjust the temperature of 26 degrees Celsius on the means of transport. Handwashing places should be either clean water with soap or supplied with alcohol-based hand hygiene products, isolated areas fitted for suspected Covid-19 customers in accordance with Ministry of Health, the establishment of hotlines ...

The airline undertakes to disinfect the cockpit 100%, the transport vehicle will be certified disinfection so that visitors enjoy visiting, equipping guests with masks and hand gel ...

Safe Travel Destinations During the Covid-19 Season

Da Nang, Phu Quoc, Quy Nhon, Tay Ninh ... are destinations that tourists "hunt" during the Covid-19 season. Indeed, these localities have done very well in preventing the Covid-19 epidemic, and the weather is hot and sunny, which is considered to be a favorable factor in preventing the corona virus.

Many localities like Da Nang, Quang Nam, Phu Quoc ... recently declared a safe destination for all visitors. Meanwhile, airlines, resorts have also launched numerous promotions with attractive prices like never before, which has prevented many people from standing still and waiting for the end of the epidemic. Here are some safe destinations many travelers have chosen to travel to during the Covid-19 season.

Da Nang

Thanks to the benefits of good weather, warm sunshine, many attractive holiday and entertainment destinations, beautiful beaches, the seaside resort, the beautiful-as-a-fairytale Ba Na Hills with ancient castles such as " Miniature Europe ", the largest indoor playground in Southeast Asia, the colorful European carnival, millions of tulips with infrared roses, the Golden Bridge (Cau Vang). Da Nang always attracts many international visitors and tourists. 
Danang city

In particular, the central tourism capital considered prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic as a major problem from the start of the epidemic season. Recently, city leaders have stressed that Danang is a safe destination for all tourists.

Along with this, a series of amusement parks, resorts and hotels in Da Nang are implementing attractive incentive programs, enticing visitors to come to this city.

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Quy Nhon - Phu Yen

Phu Yen and Quy Nhon are contiguous, so many tourists often combine exploring both places at the same time. Currently, there are no cases of corona virus infection in these two provinces. Therefore, it is considered a safe tourist destination during the epidemic season.
Da Dia Reef

From January to August of the year is considered the ideal time to travel to Phu Yen - Quy Nhon, the weather is dry, less rain, clear blue and airy sea. Your can visit these attractions including Bai Mon - Mui Dien, Ganh Xep, Da Dia Reef, Ganh Da Drive, Hon Nua, O Loan Lagoon, Eo Gio, Ky Co Beach ...

Tay Nguyen

The tourist destination that you can consider for your next trip is the central highlands. The temperature in the central highlands is quite high, the weather is dry. It is an extremely favorable condition for traveling in the spring. At the same time, it is the moment when the flowers bloom, creating a very beautiful picture.
Tay Nguyen

More specifically, according to information from the Ministry of Health, the Corona virus will be weakened and difficult to reproduce in environments with temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius. The conditions in the central highlands fully meet this requirement, so you can be insured for your spring trip! While traveling in the central mountains, with the exception of Da Lat, you can visit 4 other provinces, including Kon Tum, Dak Lak, Dak Nong and Gia Lai. These lands will bring you a peaceful and strange relaxation. The majestic beauty of immense mountains, green tea hills will make your "escape" more exciting.

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Phu Quoc

It is great that the weather in the paradise of the seaside resort of Phu Quoc is very beautiful, the sun is sunny and now it is also a safe tourist destination during the epidemic season, so it is very suitable for you and your family to complete "vitamin sea".
Phu Quoc beach

Recently, CNN (USA) compared this beautiful island to the "jewel" of Vietnam and suggested extremely interesting experiences when visiting the island such as scuba diving, kayaking, visiting traditional craft villages , dining at the fishing village of Ham Ninh ... And above all, do not miss the experience of the longest cable car in the world to the beautiful and poetic Hon Thom Island. This place has not only fine white sand, clear turquoise water in the virgin jungle, but also the most modern water park in Southeast Asia - the Aquatopia water park with a series of exciting games that appeared for the first time in Vietnam.
the Aquatopia water park Phu Quoc
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Tay Ninh

The weather is hot and sunny, convenient for transportation, which seems to be "strange" for the epidemic of Covid-19, so Tay Ninh is very suitable for pilgrimage visits and the discovery of "the region of the Holy Land ".

Next to the famous sites such as the Cao Dai Holy See of Tay Ninh, Ma Thien Lanh, Ho Dau Tieng, the national tourist area of ​​Nui Ba Den is a must. Coming here, visitors can try the new modern cable car system invested by Sun Group to admire the largest cable car station in the world - Ba Den Den station and the "unique" architecture of Van Son station and Hang Pagoda.
Ba Den Pagoda

In addition to wishing to pray for peace at Ba Den Pagoda, visitors can also reach the "roof of the Southeast" by cable car in only 8 minutes instead of 4 hours of rugged climbing to hunt the clouds, to watch the sunrise or sunset and the enchanting natural landscape at the top of Ba Den mountain. Oh! And one last thing! Don't forget to try Tay Ninh cuisine before you go!

How to Protect Yourself When Traveling During the Covid-19 Season?

  • Avoid close contact with people who have cold symptoms. Similar to seasonal flu, the flu caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has a direct transmission mechanism when you come into contact with bodily fluids secreted by an infected person. You will be infected when you accidentally inhale these small particles of saliva.
  • Therefore, you should try to avoid contact with people who have symptoms similar to pneumonia or a cold, such as a cough or a runny nose. The recommended safety distance is at least 1.8 m.

Wash Your Hands often

Travelers should wash their hands often with antibacterial soap and water, making sure to scrub for at least 20 seconds. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands. Travelers should wash their hands after touching money, public items (doorknobs, windshield wipers), wash their hands before putting hands on their faces or masks (dirty masks can also make sick).
washing your hands

Dry hand sanitizer is used only in the absence of soap and water. Note, travelers should use dry hand gel with an alcohol content of 70% or more to ensure their safety. In particular, avoid using unofficial homemade gels / lotions on social networks.

Use a Mask Correctly

Wearing a mask gives you a false sense of security. You think you are safe when you are using a mask, but in fact, when your hands are dirty, your mask can become dirty if you touch the mask. This is when you are infected. Although the masks do not completely stop the infection, they can help you limit direct contact with suspected body fluids.
wearing mask
For whatever reason, you still want to use a mask, you should use masks N99 and N95. The N99 respirators filter almost 99% of dust, bacteria or viruses better than N95. However, the N99 mask is twice as expensive as the N95 mask. WHO recommends that people use N95 masks in polluted cities.

Do Not Use Airplane Blankets and Pillows

In order to limit the risk of infection from repeated use of utensils, Vietnam Airlines does not serve meals, magazines, blankets and entertainment during the flight, but rather supplies aromatic tissues instead of cotton towels on all flights; Pillows are not available and only blankets are provided in case passengers require medical assistance on flights with a flight duration of less than 4 hours. Therefore, visitors should prepare their own blankets and pillows to protect their health.

Things to Do after the Flight

If you do not feel well after the trip, you should consult your nearest doctor, talk to your doctor about where you went and what you did during your trip, including bites, insects or animal scratches.

We hope this article will help you when you decide to continue your trip to Vietnam. FareasTour currently provides you with travel plans, including map and general price. You can refer to our available programs or you can call us and talk about your desired trip. We will help you establish a plan and budget. We will help you satisfy your curiosity to discover this charming and magnificent country on the basis of your requests, your rhythms, your wishes. Do not hesitate, contact us! Our travel and ticketing professionals are always available to serve you 24/7.


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