What to Do and See in Halong Bay (Caves, Villages and Islets)

Halong Bay is well-known with its thousands of islands, caves, and beaches. Through this topic, Far East Tour share you the most beguiling scenes and destinations as "what to do" in Halong Bay.


1. Sung Sot cave (Surprising Cave)

This is one of the largest and the most beautiful caves in Halong Bay where many stone islands with unique appearances gathered. Walking on the road leading to the cave under green leave with the craggy stone steps, tourists can enjoy the fun of a climber and the feeling of moving to the sky at the same time. From the dock, to get to the cave entrance which is at the height of 25 meter, we will have to climb 50 steep stone steps and then go down on around 10 steps. Sung Sot cave is about 10,000 meter square wide with hundreds stalagmites and stalactites. There is a more than 500 meter road system tiled with stone leading from the entrance to the exit of the cave. Along the road are many street light poles which serve as the signals and the decorations as well. The light system of some simple types of lamp with gentle light really enhances the great beauty of the cave.  
Sung Sot Cave - one of the most beautiful cave in Halong

2. Thien Cung cave 

Thien Cung is considered one of the biggest and nicest in Halong. This cave was discovered quite late due to the small entrance and the development of the plants which covers almost the cave entrance. In 1993, a group of fishermen went to Dau Go cave to avoid a storm and explored Thien Cung cave by chance. The cave is called Thien Cung as a result of the stalactites with different strange shapes and sizes which make people think of a palace with Dragon - Phoenix, the four pillars and so on. And that is true. Visiting the cave will give you the feeling of getting lost into a paradise with the imposing and magical stalactities system. 
Thien Cung Cave - a thing to visit in Halong Bay

3. Luon Cave

In front of the cave is Con Rua islet and in the right side is Cong Troi. The vertical cliffs and the blue, clear and smooth water make this destination attractive. Close to the water, a gate in the shape of a bow opens an islet. The name of Luon Cave started due to the shape of the cave which is a closed mountain arc, surrounding a blue smooth lake and connected to the ocean by a stone tunel with the bottom under water. Luon Cave is nearly 60m long and just from 2,5m to 4m high depending on the tide level. Inside the cave, stalactities are numerous and miraculous. Some days when the tide raises, visitors may need to be crouched to get over and that makes them interest.   
Going kayaking in the area of Luon Cave is a
Overcome the cave, we are arriving to an almost 1 kilometer square acreage brackish water lake which is surrounded by the mountain. Around the lake are cliffs with luxuriant vegetation where is also the accommodation of a group of monkeys. The old trees shade shadaw to a large area while the orchids bloom and perfume above the blue water. Under that quiet water is the eventful lives of different spicies like shrimp, fish, crab, squid and so on. On several cliffs, there are some fresh water shells which have fossilized. They are considered the evidence that people used to live there and this place used to be a valley.   

4. Me Cung cave (or Maze cave)

The cave is at the height of 25 m on Lờm Bò Island which is about 2km to the southwest from Titop Island. Me Cung cave belongs to the completely protected area of the world natural heritage of Halong Bay. The structure of this cave is very complex with multiple levels and compartments spreading along a corridor which is mỏe than 100m long. The cave is inclided to the west before looks at a small lake with the same name: Me Cung Lake.  
Maze Cave is a very famous destinations in the area of Lan Ha Bay
The cave entrance is facing the east with a large area of around 40 meter square which looks like a roof of a house rooted into the island. Me Cung cave is identified as a part of the vestiges of the early Ha Long Culture which existed from 7,000 to 10,000 years ago. The remaining trace found here are the Melania shells, a small snail living only in streams.
See the tour visiting Maze Cave

5. Trinh Nu Grotto

Trinh nu grotto lying on the two wings of a mountain arc in the East of Bo Hon Island is about 3km from Sung Sot cave to the Southeast. Visiting Trinh Nu grotto, visitors be hearing a moved love story which is related to the name of this grotto from the tour guides.
Trinh Nu Cave with its special legendary


1. Dinh Huong Islet

In a tour from Thien Cung, Dau Go to Ti Top, pasing Cho Da Islet and Con Meo Islet to the seafood rafts, there is a huge stone standing on the two slim feet, blocking your way. It is called Hon Dinh Huong which looks like a large screen. When the tide is low, the four meandering feet appear making Hon Dinh Huong look like an incense burner.
Dinh Huong Islet is known as of the must-see thing when visiting Halong

2. Dau Nguoi islet

With the height of around 25 meters, seen from a distance, Dau Nguoi islet looks like a giant Egyptian’s head with a big rugged and protruding nose, and a chin close to water. Some people associated it with the Sphinx in Egypt. Dau Nguoi Islet in Halong is a masterpiece of nature with its own poetic beauty as floating on the sea.
Head Islet - a

3. Trong Mai islet 

In the middle of the immense ocean, a cock and a hence arrogantly appear above the water. At the new dawn, sunlight makes the couple of chicken flaming red between the blue ocean. Both of them are more than 10 meter - high above the sea level. The chickens look so tottery as their giant bodies lie on the slim feet that a strong wave is thought to be able to make them fall down. But not, for millions of years, the couple of chicken have been standing there. The attraction of this destination seems to be manyfold thanks to those two imbalanced feet. The two chickens have become the theme of many art works from photograph, painting to poetry and so on. The image of them has become the symbol of Halong tourism and Vietnam tourism in general. 
Let admire Kissing Islet with your lovers

Fishing Villages

In some programs of the overnight ships and boats, you will be drived to visit one of some floating villages like Cua Van, Cong Dam, Vung Vieng, Rang Dua. At present, to ensure the safety in this area, Government decided to make the relocation to all of the residents on those floating villages. However, the fishing cages and floating houses remain there which can be easily seen when you pass those villages. 
Vung Vieng fishing village with the preserved floating houses

Top 5 activities not to be missed when traveling to Ha Long

  • Kayaking on Ha Long Bay: tourists can freely drive, weaving into every nook and cranny of the island's bays
  • Experience climbing adventure: It has hundreds of climbing points from easy to difficult to help you can try your dexterity, conquer nature.
  • Discover the mysterious cave: visit some famous caves such as Sung Sot Cave, Dau Go Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Trinh Trinh and Trinh Hang Cave, Me Lab cave, Luon cave, Bo Nau cave, Kim cave Quy, Tam Cung Cave ... Certainly, you will have very interesting experiences.
  • Bathing in Ha Long: The beaches in Ha Long are famous for the rustic beauty, virginity, the cool blue sea on the smooth white sand. You should go to some famous beaches in Ha Long such as Bai Chay, Tuan Chau beach, Titop beach, Soi Sim beach, Minh Chau beach, Quan Lan beach, Ba Trai Dao beach ...
  • Discovering Ha Long Bay on yachts: Most of Ha Long yachts are very advanced and modern with many attentive care. Your vacation will be more perfect than ever if you experience this wonderful activity.

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