What to Eat in Halong Bay

Besides the spectacular natural scenery, Halong is also well known for its diverse featured cultural cuisine cooking from delicious seafood. Many specialties of Halong became famous brands such as Halong squid cake, Cai Rong fish sauce, Van Don Geoduck, etc.

What to eat?

Halong squid cake

Referring to Halong is mentioning specialties prepared from fresh seafood, in which, the first dish we have to mention is squid cake. Halong people often eat squid cake with white sticky rice or rolling cake. To make up the unique flavor of this dish, the Halong have to choose the freshest squid, have just caught from the sea to create the best favor and delicious flavor. Tasty squid cake must be pounded by hand for fragrant squid pieces, both crispy and chewy. People often eat squid cake with a little pepper fish sauce.
The most famous dish of Halong Bay
Come to Halong Bay, you can enjoy this special dish but rustic in sticky rice shop or squid cake – rolls on Nha Hat Street. Each meal usually cost from $1.

Austriella corrugata 

This is the most characteristic specialty of Halong, can be processed into many dishes: grilled, steamed, salad, porridge or fried. But the most impressive to mention is corrugata fried noodles with wood ear, mushrooms and onion. This dish is usually served hot, tangy taste is very characteristic. In addition, Halong people also have very famous corrugata alcohol. To enjoy this special dish, visitors can find on the menu in many restaurants, food shops in Halong.
Halong Oyster

Sá sùng / Sipunculus nudus

This is probably the most expensive seafood dishes in Halong and almost only in Quan Lan Island (belonged to Bai Tu Long archipelago). Sa sung is a marine worms type, live beneath the sand in a long time, like clean environment and oxygen-rich seawater. In polluted waters area, it has absolutely no sa sung. Halong people use sa sung to cook many good food as grilled with chili salt, fried with garlic or pineapple, roasted and served with chili, lettuce or crunchy fried…. Especially, eaten raw sa sung with mustard is very tasty and nutritious. However, price is not cheap, the price of 1 kg dried nudus is ranged from 100 USD to 200 USD depending on type.
Sa Sung - Halong culinary

Van Don Geoduck 

You are familiar with seafood such as shrimp, crab, swimming crab ... so about geoduck?? It is also a kind of rare seafood with high nutritional value and of course the price of this item is also not cheap. You can only find geoduck in the shore area of Bai Tu Long Bay of Van Don island district, Quang Ninh.
Geoduck of Van Doc - specific of Halong City
In addition, there are many more attractive dishes of Halong awaiting you like: Cù Kỳ, Cà Sáy Tien Yen, Halong’s sam (horseshoe crab), Ha soup, sour meatball Quang Yen, locust fish, jellyfish, crabs, mantis shrimp, ruốc lỗ, hà, dried peeled shrimp... prepared into variety of dishes very attractive.
You can enjoy above mentioned excellent cuisine at the restaurants in Bai Chay area. Or go to floating restaurants area of Halong City to eat fresh seafood with very reasonable prices.

Street food

For those who like snacking and street food, you can find a lot of delicious sidewalk dishes in Halong but cheap such as: beer oyster, grilled seafood. Prices are very affordable, only about $2 to $7 depending on the type that you have a full plate of great grilled seafood. You can find these items in sidewalk eateries of Ben Doan area Ao Ca lakeside.
baby barnacle in Halong Bay
Additionally, you can also enjoy the rustic dishes in:
  • Seafood region on Vuon Dao Street, Bai Chay, only serve in the evening.
  • Sam Shop Bridge 1.
  • Snail near Van Lang Shool.
  • Grilled Oysters near petrol station Column 5.
  • Grilled Duck near Cột Đồng Hồ (Pillar Clock), at the head of new concrete road.
  • Rice noodles with geese near Bai Chay dock.
  • Dumplings near Bach Dang Theater.
At night, you can also eat at Thanh Nien night market (Bai Chay), or enjoy night cuisine Cai Dam area (Bai Chay) or Gieng Don culinary street in Halong

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