What to Eat in the City of Beaches - Nha Trang

The coastal city of Nha Trang possesses not only a number of beautiful landscapes but an abundance of great special foods. 

1. Vermicelli with grilled chopped fish

This is one of the most famous foods in Nha Trang which is very simple with clear broth, grilled chopped fish and the slender fibers of noodle.  Grilled chopped fish is delicious as made from fresh fish that tough enough to eat. The main kinds of fish for this dish include mackerel, lizard-fish and sailfish which are steamed or fried. 
Besides, the broth is sweet and savory as made from fresh skeleton of some typical fishes like mackerel, sailfish or snapper. The noodle is often served with chili sauce to enhance the taste of fish, so the appetite is fully present. 
A kind of Nha Trang rice noodle 
Vermicelli with grilled chopped fish

2. Jellyfish noodle 

To have a good dish, jellyfish must be small as the size of our fingers, in milky and thick. Jellyfish noodle is also taste good thanks to the broth made from Ponyfish, a small fish with its tail in the shape of a bow, sweet meat without skeleton. The sweet of the broth is also from grilled chopped fish. The dish is of great taste due to the sweet broth; crunchy jellyfish and acrid chili. 
Jelly-fish noodle in the city of Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa 
Jellyfish noodle

3. Dam fish noodle 

The main material of this food is Dam fish, a special and favorable food in Khanh Hoa. Noodle is also served with grilled chopped fish and broth. The broth is cooked from skeleton of Dam fish, so the sweet taste is natural. A plate of sliced herbs is provided making this food a typical one of Nha Trang. 

4. Fermented pork roll 

The major ingredient of this food is fresh pork, eliminated from nerve and then cleaned and sliced into small pieces. Meat then is marinated with different spices like salt, pepper, sugar, seasoning powder and is crushed in a miller. When making this food, thinly sliced pigskins are added and then, they are wrapped by green gooseberry leaves or star fruit leaves to generate good smell. After that, the wrapped rolls are ready to eat after 1 day in a dry place.  
Ninh Hoa Fermented pork roll grilled 
Ninh Hoa Fermented pork roll grilled

5. Can cake 

Can cake is similar to Khot cake of Vietnamese Southerners in the appearance. The major ingredient to make this cake is rice. Rice is softened by soaking in water before being crushed and steamed in the earthenware molds. The cake is filled with various ingredients like meats, eggs, mushrooms, shrimps and so on that make different tastes to the each cake. Dipping sauce for this cake is in red, sweet and sour. Can cake is served with some kinds of herbs including salads, kale, basil, lettuce and sliced green mango. 

6. Steamed rice paper pancake (bánh ướt) 

One of the most famous brands is Dien Khanh steamed rice paper pancake which is located next to Nha Trang city.  People in Khanh Hoa often eat this kind of cake with sweet and sour sauce but you can also enjoy it with grilled meat, roast pork, shrimp or spring rolls, etc., 
Uot cake is arranged pretty and delicious
Uot cake is arranged pretty and delicious

7. Bánh bèo (Bloating Fern-shaped cake)

Similar to Bánh ướt, bánh bèo is made from rice flour and served with shrimp paste. The yellow of shrimp paste and the white of rice flour, the sweet and spicy of sauce make this rustic food eye-catching and tasty. 

8. Bánh đập (Dap Cake)

Bánh đập is the combination of baked rice paper, Steamed rice paper pancake with grilled meat or steamed meat. It must be served with a bowl of typical spicy sauce of people in the coastal areas. To enjoy this food, we  join a piece of baked rice paper and a piece of Steamed rice paper pancake, then apply some onion grease, shrimp paste and grilled or steamed meat and then double fold the cake, dip it in the bowl of sauce and enjoy. The crunchy of baked rice paper combine with the soft of Steamed rice paper pancake and the savory of sauce with a fragrant meat create an excited appetite. 
Đập Cake, Nha Trang
Đập Cake, Nha Trang

Seafood restaurant in Nha Trang
- Seafood restaurant No. 6 Ngo Sy Lien
- Hoa Bien Restaurant in the North of Tran Phu Bridge
- Sea Wind Shop to the North of Tran Phu Bridge
- A Thanh 33 grilled fish shop Trinh Phong (specializing in grilled fresh fish)
- Bo Ke Restaurant at 42B Cu Lao Trung (North of Tran Phu Bridge)
- New Cau Quan in the long beach
- White Sand Restaurant 32 Nhi Ha
- Quan Duong on Ngo Thoi Nhiem street and Le Dai Hanh
- The shops north of Tran Phu Bridge around Thap Ba and Bo Ke streets sell a lot of seafood, especially snails ...
- Vi shop at 39 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai 
- Shellfish shop 19 & 26 Tran Nguyen Han

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