Where to Go in Da Nang for Taking Photos

Da Nang is an ideal place for taking great photo by its blending beauty of beaches and mountains. Let see the best places to create for yourself the delightful pictures in this dynamic city.

1. Ba Na Hills 

Being considered the fairy land with the special climate all 4 seasons, Ba Na Hills is a popular place for the young to check-in when visiting Da Nang. The airy green natural space together with wonderful landscape in Ba Na can completely become the ideal background for your photos.  

2. Infinity swimming pool in A la carte hotel 

Situated on the highest floor of A la Carte hotel, next to My Khe Beach, this infinity pool is small but special with the view to the sea. You can sit here, sipping a cup of coffee, relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the sea. This is realy a “hot” destination for many people as it is the first infinity pool on the high rise building in Vietnam with very new space. 
The unlimited swimming pool

3. Pham Van Dong Ocean Park 

The park is really attractive to visitors not only for it nice view facing a romantic beach but for the doves there. If you want to have pictures where you are immersed in the dove, you should be at the park at 7h30 or 16h30 everyday. 
Thr Park is a perfect place for taking some wedding photos 

4. Taking photos in reeds season

In Da Nang, there is a large reed field in Tho Quang coast. At the end of autumn, this destination becomes the gathering place of photograp savvy. People coming here are various, including the young, local people, tourists and brides and grooms who are taking wedding photos. They all come to have nice photos between the infinite reeds field. 
The field of reed in Danang 

5. Ca Chep Hoa Rong Stone Statue and Love Wharf 

This is the symbol of the marina, creating the highlight to scenery in the East coast of Han River. The body of the fish is carved with hard scales. The dragon head is based on the dragon under Ly dynasty which is breathing water. The taii is stylized with the significance of peace, prosperty and reunion, etc,. 
The Love Bridge here is also popular among the young as a place to express feeling and the promise of happiness. Together with the pretty pace in the foot of the Dragon Bridge, this would be an ideal destination to take photos. 
The bridge of darling in the center of Danang

6. Some nice and famous bridges in Da Nang 

It can be said that, Da Nang is a city famous for many bridges like Dragon Bridge, THuan Phuoc Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Han River Bridge and so on. Each of them bears its own distinctions and style which attract people to take photos. 

7. Son Tra Peninsular 

Lasting from the Green Lake to Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort with an amazing long street, some famous reefs like Bai But, Bai Rang, this would be a wonderful destination in your list of places to take photos. 

8. Hoa Trung Lake 

Hoa Trung Lake in Hoa Lien commute, Hoa Vang, Da Nang which is abour 20 km from the city center of Da Nang, is considered Tibetan steppe in Da Nang with immense green grass fields surrounding the manmade-lake. 
Hoa Trung Lake in Danang  
On the shallow days, the areas surrounding the lake become an infinite peaceful steppe.

This is an ideal destination for you get experience in rowing wooded boat on the blue river. The wooden boats are all made by the fish farmers here. They use these boats to go to feed their fish and travel through the lake.  


Best time to travel to Da Nang​

The coastal city of Da Nang is not too hot in June, July and August. At this time, the weather is very nice, suitable for a perfect beach trip. Da Nang tourist peak because a lot of tourists come to visit.

In addition, Da Nang often organizes an International Art Fireworks program every year, you can choose the time of travel in April 30 and May 1

If you want to save more money, you can also choose the time of September to January every year, the weather is quite cool, less storms, especially the price is also cheaper

The most beautiful time to travel to Da Nang is from February to August every year, which is the most ideal time for visitors to enjoy swimming in the sea and visiting famous landmarks.


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