Where to go in Nha Trang (Part II)

1.  Hon Mun Island

Hon Mun possesses the clear and pure current of waters and the gorgeous coral ecosystems and is recognized as the best biodiversity area in Vietnam by the World Wilde Fun. Visiting Hon Mun, some must dos include visiting the floating Bar on the sea, diving for coral discovery or travelling in the glass bottom boats. 
How to get there: traveling by boats or ships to visit Cau Da, Nha Trang (you can have a tour with 4 people at the price of $12/person) 
Time to visit: at least 5 hours 
Mun Island seen from above 
Unspoiled Hon Mun seen from above 

2.  Hon Tam Island 
The island of 110 ha in acreage is about 7km from Nha Trang city to the Southeast. From Hon Tam, it is able to see the whole city of Nha Trang in the north and Cam Ranh Peninsula in the south. Together with some amazing beaches, Hon Tam is also renowned for the activities of exploring the sea by glass bottom boats or diving to see coral reefs. 
How to get there: there is a tour to the 4 islands
Time to visit: at least 3 hours    
A romantic corner of Tam Island, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam 
A beautiful corner on Hon Tam Island  
3.  Ninh Van Bay
Located on Hon Meo Peninsula, about 60 km from the coastal city of Nha Trang, Ninh Van is a famous bay for its pristine and pure appearance. This is an ideal place for anyone who is finding a peaceful and quiet beach to enjoy the relaxation in the soul. Besides, you can also do other interesting things like watching the coral reefs, diving, surfing or rowing Kayak. 
How to get there: it takes just 20 minutes on high speed trains to visit this beautiful island from Nha Trang city 
Time to visit: at least 12 hours  
Ninh Van Bay is an ideal dating place 
Untouched and romantic Ninh Van Bay 

4. Chong - Vo Islands (Husband and Wife Island)
This destination is about 3km from city center to the Northeast. Hon Chong is a complex of some huge stones with different shapes overlapping each other. Another smaller group on the hillside to the East is called Hon Vo. Hon Chong seems to be isolated from the hustle atmosphere of the city. This is one of the ideal places to see the coastal city. 
How to get there: motorbikes, buses or taxi are all available 
Time to visit: 3-8 hours 
Chong - Vo Island looks like two hugging people 
Hon Chong - Hon Vo
5.  Van Phong Bay
Van Phong Bay situated in Van Ninh District (Khanh Hoa province) is about 40km to the North from Nha Trang center. The bay attracts numerous visitors for the natural and pristine beauty of a complex of islands and the smaller blue bays inside. 
How to get there: there are 2 directions to the bay, one is travelling on boats from Nha Phu Bay and the other is travelling by cars or motorbikes from Nha Trang city. 
Salt field in Van Phong Bay
Salt field in Van Phong Bay
6.  Dai Lanh Beach 
Dai Lanh Beach located on 1A highway, Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province is about 80km to the North from tourism city of Nha Trang. After bathing as much as they like, visitors can hire a motorboat to visit the fishing villages of Khai Luong, Dam Mon, Vung Ro Bay or Dai Lanh to discover the real life of the local fishermen. 
How to get there: taxi or motorbikes 
Time to visit: at least 12 hours
Dai Lanh beach with a mesmeric imagine
Dai Lanh beach with a mesmeric imagine.

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