Where to Visit in Halong Bay (Islands, beaches and bays)

Welcome to the leisure paradise with many bays, islands beaches. The greatest thing in Halong Bay is that you can find out a totally private place to sunbath, swim, go kayaking, etc.

Nearby Islands and Bays  

1. Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long is a Vietnamese attraction which lies in the Golf of Tonkin, the Northeast of Vietnam.  Bai Tu Long includes the waters of Ha Long city, Cam Pha city and Van Don Island district. The bay is next to Halong Bay to the Southwest, to main land and Cam Pha city to the West and to Co To island district to the Northeast. There are hundreds of islands in Bai Tu Long bay in which many are large island with residents. 
Now a day, there are a lot of cruise program to Bai Tu Long Bay are exploited
While Halong Bay is compared to a gorgeous girl, Bai Tu Long bay is considered a pure and enchanting maiden. In fact, Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay have become the world natural heritages. That is why the ecotourism agent of Gecko Travel (Britain) voted for Bai Tu Long as one of the five most wonderful destinations in Southeast Asia (2006)
Read Vietnam Classic Tour go to Bai Tu Long Bay

2. Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay situated in the East of Cat ab island is close to Halong Bay and faces Cua Van. This is quite a peaceful gulf with round 400 islands creating a giant picture of a fairyland. Unlike the islands in Halong Bay, those in Lan Ha are all covered with trees and plants, even the tiny island like a rockery. There are upto 139 yellow sand beaches in Lan Ha Bay which are all pretty, lovely and desolate, appearling to visitors. Some sand beaches are really the ideal beaches which stretch along the two mountains, are quiet and peaceful. 
3 Day Cruise Itinerary experience Lan Ha Bay
Amazingly breathtaking sunrise in Lan Ha Bay

3. Cat Ba Island 

Located about 60 km from the city center of Hai Phong, Cat Ba is an attractive destination to visitors for their summer vacations or weekends. 2 or 3 days is enough for enjoying this airy place with numerous pretty sceneries. With the unspoilted and imposing beauty, fascinating all visitors, Cat Ba is called the pearl of the Golf of Tonkin. Every year, Cat Ba welcomes a large number of local and international tourists. 
Suggested 3 Day Tour in Cat Ba Island
Cat Ba National Park is a must-go place in Halong

Islands & Beaches

1. Titop Island & beach 

Titop is an island with a high slope seaside, an inclined one and a white fine sand beach. Visitors here can go to the beach to take a bath or climb to the mountain peak to view the whole island. Seen from above, Titop looks like a moon embracing the island. Beides the beautiful landscapes, Titop island also possesses a pretty beach called Titop beach. This is a not very large but quiet, airy and clear beach. Sand in the beach is frequently washed by the tide and the water is clear and blue all year round. 
Find out about the story of Ti Top's name

2. Soi Sim Island & beach 

Lying at the center of the UNESCO world cultural heritage of Halong Bay, Soi Sim is attracting more and more visitors for its pristine beauty and the diversified ecosystem.

The most appealing thing in this island must be the green of different plants. Beside the unspoilt beauty, quiet space, the beach here is so fresh and clear that we can see the fishes swimming under water. It maybe the reason why visitors are interested in taking baths when visiting the island. In addition, there are some favorable locations on Soi Sim island which allow tourists to enjoy the nice views of both southeast and northwest sides of the world cultural heritage Halong Bay. 
Hunting the dawn in Soi Sim beach

3. Ba Trai Dao (Three Peaches Beach) 

Ba Trai Dao is a wonderful beach with white fine sand and blue water. On the fine days, the water here is so clear that we can see throught the bottom. In comparison with other beaches in Halong Bay, Ba Trai Dao beach is shallower. Water level in some locations just reaches our knees. The surrounding areas are small stone islands and beaches which are quite airtight and safe. The strange shaped cliffs nearby the beach amaze visitors who want to be here to take some photos with those impressive landscapes. However, not every people coming here can be immersed in this wonderful beach as when the tide raise, it will blood all the area. In average, the beach is in use only 2 or 3 hours per day.
Ba Trai Dao - a private place in Halong Cruise Trip

Useful local tips in Halong Bay

  • Ha Long Bay is located in Northern Vietnam, the weather in 4 seasons is spring, summer, autumn and winter. Almost at any time of the year it is convenient to travel to Ha Long Bay; however, it is best between April and October and from December to February. In winter, the weather may be a bit cold and cloudy, with occasional rain.
  • Before traveling to Ha Long, you need to prepare things like sunscreen (with an SPF of 30 or more), shower gel, shampoo, eye drops, sunglasses, towels, swimming goggles, shirts bathing, shorts, skirts with short sleeves made of cool material, wide-brimmed hats, foam beach sandals ... If you have young children, you should bring swimming floats, child safety chairs and snacks, water.

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