Halong Bay Travel Guides

Halong Bay is a renowned attraction in Vietnam which is located in the West coat of the Gulf of Tonkin. It has many times been recognized as the World natural heritage by the UNESCO for  the imposing beauty of thousands islands which is said to be the miraculous achievement of the nature. 

1. Climate 

Halong is in the North part of Vietnam with the cold winter. There are two separated seasons in a year. In the winter, from November to March, it is colder and colder and starts to be warm in April. This is also a time of cloudy wether with frequent drizzle. The average temperature in winter is 17.20C (620F). Deper into the bay, it is often colder with the temperature of even lower than100C (500F).  
It is rather hot in the summer (between May and October). The temperature sometimes can reach 370C (980F) in June and July. At the end of summer, there are some storms and heavy rains which can affect your trip to Ha Long Bay. 

2. Best time to visit 

Visitors can come to Halong Bay at any time of the year but the best time to visit is from October to April of the following year, although it could be cold and cloudy which can limit our visions in some winter months like December, January and February. During the summer months (between May and September), temperature is high and storms can appear frequently.  
  • Feb – Apr : temperature ~17oC - fog and drizzle. 
  • May – July : temperature ~28oC - blue sky with showers sometimes.
  • Aug – Oct : temperature ~ 25oC - partly cloud, windy and high capacity of storm. 
  • Nov – Dec : temperature ~ 14oC - cloudy, cold and rainy.  
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