Hue Travel Guide

Talking about Hue, people talk about palaces and temples bearing the ancient beauty of the prosperous dynasties in the past. Almost everyone would prefer to visit Hue at least one time in their lives to witness the real proofs of the last federal dynasty in Vietnam history. In addition, the gentle and peaceful of natural scene together with the low pace living style here are also interested by a number of tourists. 

How to get there 

Airplanes: Phu Bai airport has opened after a period of upgrading to support Hue tourism. Flights of Vietnam Airlines, VietjetAir, Jetstar from Hanoi and HCM city to Hue take place every day. The ticket is about $45/ one way trip.
Trains: it is possible to catch a train from Hanoi or HCM city to Hue. This is the suitable transport for visitors who have a variety of time to travel and want to enjoy the beautiful landscapes along the way. 
  • Train ticket from Hanoi to Hue costs  from $17 to $39, depending on the type of seat
  • Train ticket from Sai Gon to Hue is from $20 to $60, depending on the type of seat
Coaches: the coaches to Hue are often the North–South buses with beds. The fare and quality of different buses are not very different and you can refer to the fare of some companies like: Hoang Long, Phuong Trang, The Sinh Tourist and so on.
  • In Hanoi, you can catch buses to Hue at Giap Bat, Nuoc Ngam or Luong Yen car parks at the ticket price from $15.
  • In Sai Gon, tickets are available at Mien Dong car park at from $22.
Note: you should book ticket in advance or call for the drivers early to book ticket to avoid the situation that tickets are sold out or being staffed in the bus. 

Travelling in the city: 

You can hire motorbikes to travel and enjoy the beauty of Hue. Renting fee is from $5 to $7/ one/day. To visit Hue Citadel (or Dai Noi), cyclo is an interesting mean of transport to enjoy the simple beauty of this place. 

Sitting on boats to see Huong River

Sitting on a boat floating on Huong River, enjoying Hue’s songs and dropping flower lanterns, visitors can feel the taste and sound of Hue. If you want hire a boat, contact the boat harbor management. 
The hiring price depends on the boat you choose and the rout you will go. At present, there are some routs of visiting Huong River as below: 
  • Hue – Linh Mụ: $4/1 trip/1 single boat ($8/ 1 double boat).
  • Hue – Hòn Chén Temple: $5/ 1 trip/ 1single boat ($10/ 1 double boat).
  • Hue – Minh Mạng Temple: $7/1 trip/ 1 single boat ($13/ 1 trip/ 1double boat).
  • Hue – Bao Vinh: $3/ 1h/ 1 single boat.
Great Places to Take Photos in Hue Having an ancient and dreamlike beauty, Hue is a delightful province for photographers. You can find out many mesmeric landscapes to satisfy your hobby of grabing the memorable moments. Let see the best destinations for hunting photos in this ancient capital.  
The delicious culinary of Hue The cuisine of Hue can be said to be various and special. The foods there have their own distinctions which are difficult to find somewhere else.  Some unique snack bar: Che Hem, which is famous for the sweet tea with roasted meat. Ya-ua Nguyen Du Soy milk with egg in opposite to...
Destinations around Hue City There are not only famous by the long-standing pagodas and mausoluems, but also well-known by many beguiling destinations around the city such as Bach Ma Mountain, Hai Van Pass, Tam Giang Lagoon, etc.
What to See in Hue City Hue owns lots of the most ancient projects in its city as the Citadel, the mausoleums, and many pagodas. 
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