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Located in the North of Vietnam, Sapa serves as a mountainous province of Vietnam where retains various miracles of both nature and people. Sa Pa- the town in the clouds attracts tourists for the imposing landscapes; the challenging Fansipan and the unique experiences about the life of the ethnic group there.
Ethnic Village in Sapa 
The appealing landscape of Sa Pa


The fresh, cool and diversified climate is considered the invaluable asset of Sa Pa. situated at the height of around 1500m to 1800m, Sa Pa is characterized by the temperate climate with average temperature from 15 to 18°C. Between May and Aug, it rains a lot in Sa Pa while in the year end, when the winter comes, the temperature may be lower than 0°C with snowing sometimes. 

When to visit Sa Pa?
Visiting Sa Pa in the end of August and September if you want to see the very beautiful terraces; after Tet holiday to admire blooming peach and hundreds of other flowers or the deeply green fields. In general, the best times to visit Sa Pa are from September to November and from February to May. At those times, it is dry during the day and cold at night, which is of great convenience to discover Sa Pa. 
Snowing in Sapa
Snowing in Sapa

In the winter (from December to February), it is really cold in the Northeast, especially at night. Thus, if you are lucky enough when travelling to Sa Pa, you could have chance to witness the snow.  It is also a great experience to see the sunrise on the valley in the early mornings. 

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Sapa: What to Do and Where to Go? It is quite easy to hire a motorbike in Sapa to visit some destinations at the price of around $6/day excluding fee for gasoline. Note: a day in Sapa is from 6.00 to 18.00, so the motorbike must be back at 6pm or 8pm is the latest time. 
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