Welcome to Bagan and Yangon

Traveling to Myanmar seems to be developing in the recent time. However, Myanmar experience bring travelers great feelings. They have not still studied about the high level thing of a professional tourism industry, but they greets visitors by sincerely hearts. You can easily see their radiant smiles and unprejudiced support though wherever you go into this land of golden pagodas. From such simple things, Myanmar completely win all hearts of travelers all over the World.

Yangon City - the most vibrant place for travelers

Yangon strangely wears a different scenes of the old stylish tenement houses and little bit duty streets. Although, it also owns several luxury apartments and villas in the suburban area, but almost of Yangon’s projects still brings the English colonial architectures. Due to the forbiddance of using motorbike here, it is full of both old and new cars in all streets. Three most famous attraction of Yangon is Sule Pagoda and surrounding square (in the center of the capital), Water Park with the ancient bridges from the English colonial era, and the most impressing building of Shwedagon Padoda.

It is special that Shwedagon is sparklingly golden and too remarkable among the city that it can be seen from every sides of Yangon. When the dark falls down, Yangon becomes over splendid with the lights of thousands of golden pagodas. Burmese will hold ceremonies and pray Buddha together with the interesting sound of the rings into the wind. Following that mysterious space, don’t forget to listen the history and legends of Yangon’s pagodas by local people.

Peaceful Bagan – the worthiest city to explore in Myanmar

Bagan was a capital of Burma Kingdom from the 9th to 13th centuries. In my opinion, it is the worthiest city to go in Myanmar with a very peaceful beauty. When visiting Bagan, you certainly try taking a horse cart or a bicycle to let your soul travel with the clamping sounds of horse hoof. Moreover, going by those ways also help you sinking into a majestic space of the ancient Capital in the past.

Bagan is covered by more than 4.000 pagodas. It is too many that you can see pagodas everywhere in this city. Although feeling an extremely peaceful, you are also mesmeric by its exotic scenes, especially in the dawn and the sunset. Exploring Bagan, don’t forget to stand in the high place and take your eyes spreading the city. Bagan seems to be really vaporous and mysterious as the World of a fairy-tale. People can choose balloon excursions to fly in the sky of Bagan and luxuriously savor the bewitching imagine below.

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