When is the Best Time to Visit Vietnam?

For those who are preparing for a trip to Vietnam, It is often a question that which is the best time to come to this country. Passing a long distance to come to Vietnam, tourists are looking for the assurance of a particular weather in their destination. Luckily, Vietnam is the country that can be visited at any time of year. In other words, there is no bad time for the trip to this country due to the diversity in climate. 

The weather is changing significantly from season to season and from region to region.

Climate in the South of Vietnam

Mekong Delta under the heat of the summer.In general, it is always warm in the South with the temperature ranges from 27 to 37 ° C. there are dry season and rainy season in the South. It rains a lot during the monsoon months (from June to September). However, this is not the bad time to visit the South as rain often comes at the end of the day and does not trouble you trip much. 

At the end of the rainy season, it is good to know that the level of the Mekong River and the Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia is not so high which allows the tour to Siem Riep (famous for the temples of Angkor). It is a great ideal that you plan for a cruise from Vietnam to its neighbor country of Cambodia.

Except for the monsoon season, it is quite hot in the South of Vietnam which can cause the fatigue for the very sensitive people like the young children and the elderly. For tourists, it would be ideal time for bathing on the beach and other water activities including diving and snorkeling.

Climate in the North of Vietnam

In central and northern Vietnam, temperature differences are more marked with cool (sometimes misty) winter (December to March). Temperatures are cooler in winter as soon as you pass the Cloud Pass in the Center. In Hanoi small mornings and evenings can be cool (10 ° C) and it can make even cooler in the mountains in the upper Tonkin, as in Sapa, or in some years the snow can make apparitions in winter. This is information to be noted as part of a hiking tour or nights at the inhabitant are planned because it can make cool to sleep.

A peaceful winter morning of seniors in the area of Hoan Kiem Lake.Weather is more complex in the North of Vietnam with a very cold and even freeze winter with mist (from November to February) and a summer with some red hot days. Coming to the North, you are going to enjoy a misty cool morning with the temperature of around 10 ° C and even cooler in the mountainous area like Sapa. 

However, the more favorable temperatures returns quickly in March and in summer it can be as hot as it is in southern Vietnam. The average rainfall is higher in the north than in south of Vietnam. It should also be noted that the famous image of terraced rice fields in the mountainous areas in the North is not as pretty as it is in winter. The reason is that at this time, the crop is finished, the left color shall be the brown of soil without plant. If you are interested in these landscapes, let’s come to visit this area in their cultivation seasons which take place in September and early of April.

It is suggested that, spring is the best time to admire beautiful nature in the North. You can also visit the region in winter and end your journey in the South to have the feeling of very different climate in Vietnam. 

Climate in the Central of Vietnam

Hai Van Pass with two kinds of climate at the same time.In the Center, from the end of August to the beginning of October, it can be rainy and unstable. This is the period when the monsoon comes from the south along the coast and can occasionally cause storms and localized floods. These storms can move to northern Vietnam in early autumn.

Out of this period, the Center of Vietnam seems to be a pleasant location to stay all the time with mild climate. Owing to the pass of Hai Van, the climate is separated significantly between the cities of Hue and Hoi An which are just around 130km from each other. The famous beaches in Hoian (An Bang and Của Dai) shall be more favorable in around March.

Information Breft For Your Trips into Vietnam:

Brief Information for Vietnam trips with the best time to travel Vietnam.

Holidays in Vietnam:

The holiday calendar can be a source of information for travel lovers in order to having great trips. 
  • Lunar New Year is said to be the largest and most important festival in Vietnam. The festival takes place, based on lunar calendar, on the very first day of a new year, which is often between the end of January and the third week of February. During this holiday and nearby time, domestic flights are more expensive and busier and hotels are also in high demand.
  • The 25/12 (Christmas) and 1st January are not traditional holidays in Vietnam but they are also the time for pretty fireworks in Hanoi and Saigon in particular.
  • Other holidays are punctuated by the Vietnamese calendar, as on 1 May, 30 April (Saigon Liberation Day), 2 September (National Independent Day).

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